The Book of John Study- The Word One to One Materials and Information

What do you say to an invitation to get to know Jesus Christ in His life-changing and abundant reality through the Bible?

A weekly study of the Gospel of John will be posted in this category using a free, download resource from The Word: One to One. 8

The Gospel of John in the Bible: Written by John, brother of James, son of Zebedee, fisherman, eye witness of the ministry of Jesus Christ and consequently apostle sent by the Lord, also the writer of the book of Revelation, and 1,2,3 John. Self described as the “the one Jesus loved.”

John’s amazing Spirit-driven authorship gives us views of the true identity of the Lord Jesus, His signs, and where our faith and belief will take us when we trust the words given to us by Jesus Christ.

Dates: Starting Sunday, January 12, 2020 and ending Saturday, October 3, 2020.

How it works: Each week the facilitator will post a discussion starter based on that week’s reading. Participants are encouraged to post questions, comments , personal insights, and responses. For links to the current week’s study, please see the most recent post under the Book of John Bible study in this category.

Participants: Everyone is welcome. This is a great option for those curious of the Bible or new to it. The great thing about online study is you can reply to discussion in your own time zone. Read the week’s assignment and participate in the current week’s discussion as you are able.

Resources: Download the current book which includes the Scripture for discussion. To know where we are please come see us at the weekly post in this category, view the schedule on the calendar, or feel free to ask a question below. The download from the website is all you need to have the full complement for discussion. The Word- One to One study is organized into “books” which are broken down into weeks as indicated by the large numbers on the top of the page in the books. Their book of John study is 38 weeks across 11 books.

Professor John Lennox on The Word One to One can be viewed here: 4


What if I get behind or join “late”? Just download the current book and move forward with us! Each day is opportunity for beginning! You’re not too late. Current books and their links are posted on the weekly discussion starter post.

Where do I get the download? **The books are available for download [here.]

What if I don’t have a Bible? The Word- One to One material includes the NIV version of Scripture in the download. The entire Gospel of John is provided in the 11 download books.

Can I buy the study books? Yes. We are linking to the free downloads, 2but hard copies are available on The Word- One to One website for purchase. 1

What is the schedule? See PDF of 3 Calendar of weeks here. 3 The week’s discussion will run from Sunday (US time zones) to the following Saturday for 38 weeks. Also see the current week’s post on Connect for the link to the book and specific week we are discussing.

How much time should I expect to spend? Probably 15-20 minutes a week to read the current week’s materials. Time spent on Connect discussion is up to you!

About the facilitator: April Billups ( @Bloomhere ) believes the Bible is the most amazing and greatest book ever. She has a certificate of Apologetics from Biola University (2012) and has two certificates from RZIM Academy, and has been studying apologetics in some form for about 20 years. She has 18+ years experience with Bible Study Fellowship International with 10 of those years in leadership roles of children’s leader, group leader, administrative leader and class administrator. For several years she has written small group curriculum for her church’s summer day camp which reaches over 300, 5-6 grade students each year. She has taught Bible to middle school students for 10 years, and has traveled on multiple international mission trips.

She has a degree in Food Science and worked in industry until she left to stay home with her favorite small people (who are now her favorite adult people). She enjoys baking, eating the baked goods, cooking, smoking meats, eating the smoked meats, mixed-media art projects, clean comedy, movies, podcasts, reading, gardening, and home made skin care products (don’t worry she doesn’t eat those). She has been married for 34 years to her best friend, James. She believes that God will meet you where ever you start seeking Him.

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