The Cover to Cover "Essential Questions"

Every season on Cover to Cover, we interview the author of the book before we dive into the chapter-by-chapter discussions. Every conversation (and every author!) is a little different, but we’re going to ask all of them the same essential questions. You may have already heard Abdu’s answers to these in our first episode of Season 1.

We’d love to hear your answers too! (Especially @Interested_In_Cover_to_Cover!) As you dive into the Cover to Cover discussion community here on RZIM Connect, why not start by introducing yourself here and sharing your answers to the Cover to Cover essentials? (We’ll leave off the final question we ask authors: “What do you wish someone had told you about writing a book before you wrote it”?)

  1. What’s a bad reading habit you have, or a struggle you have with reading?
  2. What’s your favorite memory with a book?
  3. What’s something you always meant to read, but haven’t gotten to yet?
  1. If it’s not a particularly interesting book, I lose interest and put off reading the rest, dragging it out even longer than I have to.

  2. My favourite memory with a literature book is enjoying the story the the ideas behind it. Plus I enjoy beautiful writing styles.

  3. My list is like 50 books long, and that’s just the books I own but haven’t read, let alone books I want to get.

  1. What I consider a bad habit is that I read too slowly. I have heard that one can read faster, in speed reading, with more comprehension but continue at about 300 wpm and sometimes slower if the content requires it.

  2. I was probably in 5th or 6th grade when I cracked my dad’s copy of Robin Hood. It was about 600 pages long, but it gave me a thirst for reading and escaping into other worlds.

  3. There are probably some works I should have read, some of the classics. I look forward to the libraries in heaven because I know there will be works there unavailable on earth now.


  1. Sometimes I have trouble taking the time to stop everything and sit down to read. I am usually busy and rush through everything but I like to take the time to slow down and read.
  2. One of my favorite memories of reading is in middle school. I absolutely hated my science class in 8th grade. We would have about half the class to work on assignments and I would always tell the teacher I needed to take some books back to the school library and she would let me go. I would take my Bible and go sit in the corner and read it until class was ending. For some reason she believed me every time I said my books are overdue.
  3. I want to read Mere Christianity. I am a high school student and usually reading something for school so I have just started reading more books on apologetics/Christianity recently and this is on the top of my list. Another book I just bought and am excited to read is The Reason for God. Several students I met at ReFresh a few weeks ago told me this was a great book to read!
  1. I usually get so engrossed in a book and getting all the information that I don’t give myself time to think about what I have read and let it settle in. That’s why I am so excited about this podcast!
  2. I read the entire Black Stallion series as a kid. I remember saving up my money for each book and then heading to the mall with my mom to buy the next one in the series!
  3. Les Mis. I tell myself “next summer” and when summer comes, I have so many other books to read.
  1. Perhaps having too many books going at the same time. That can cause me to lose momentum with a book sometimes.
  2. Reading books out loud to my children (or hearing my husband read out loud to our children).
  3. Where do I begin?! War and Peace?

In your next episode I hope you spend some time talking about the section titled Wise Actions. In there he talks about the the two greatest commandments that Jesus emphasized. I have a friend who is part of a church that uses that scripture for what may be un-scriptural purposes. They decide what they think is the loving response, or course of action instead of looking to scripture for answers. The church emphasizes works of justice but not especially proclamation of the gospel. Have you seen this?


I tend to run through long “flowery” descriptive parts, at the risk of missing some key points. I
recently listened to an audio book where much of it was descriptive and philosophizing, i automatically tuned off, I don’t mind some just not too much.

Reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, late at night windows open to cold air and a hot cup
of milky chocolate tea, in my mind experiencing the ride on the river aboard the raft as described in the book (this may seem to contradict what i said above lol).

Too many to mention one being the whole bible.

  1. Reading too many books at a time; when reading fiction, first I read the last few pages of a book, not sure why and where this habit came from :woman_shrugging::joy:

  2. Staying up till 2-3am with my mom talking about books. Some of my favorite memories of her.

  3. Brother Karamazov, Mere Christianity & Bonhoeffer: pastor, martyr, prophet, spy


I like to listen to a book while driving. This can be while driving to work or pleasure. I will purchase the CD and can find time to listen on the road. Difficult for me to have time set aside to read. Anyways It works for me. I think Cover to Cover and other podcasts are great for listening and learning while driving. Thanks. God is Good to All. Fred Proch


I won’t have time to join but I did what to answer the questions.

  1. Reading to many books at a time and the most annoying thing that I do is read all the footnotes which leads to more books.

  2. When I was a kid in grammar school my parents bought me a series of books entitled All About… various subjects, spent hours in those books and recently found them in my Mom’s garage, worn but readable they triggered a flood of great memory interacting with her she who was the smartest person I knew and thank God she is still around a little worn but quite loveable. Read a lot of baseball stories which my Dad liked as he was the anything with a “ball” guy. I could go on but I’ll stop.

  3. I think that I have missed the chance to read the great classic and because of time constrains I will likely have to wait until we don’t use a clock anymore to tell time to enjoy those books.

  1. Taking too many notes, too much underlining, analyzing, studying. Sometimes I need to simply enjoy the book.
  2. One winter my husband and I took our 4 children through Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House Series, with just the wood stove for heat and karoseen lateen for light. No matter how much I read they begged for 1 more story- I don’t know if this is one of their fav memories but it is for me.
  3. The Agony and the Ecstacy .
  1. Bad habit - reading a book for enjoyment without processing what has been said. This habit isn’t a problem with lighter topics.
  2. Lots of good memories reading books
  3. Not sure

Next book I’d like to read - Jesus among secular gods

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I’m anxiously awaiting the next ‘season’. When will you be starting the next book?


Terina, we are currently wrapping up the recording for Season 2! It will launch in early October and run for about 9 weeks. We’re talking through Sam Allberry’s 7 Myths About Singleness, which is a really great and challenging read.

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I actually do #1 as well! @Shawn_Hart and basically every other person I know gives me a hard time about it, but for some reason it always made sense to me. I do it less than I used to, but this has been a reading habit of mine almost my entire life. Nice to meet another crazy person!