The Days Leading Up to Easter

Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing looks back to the garden where Jesus was arrested, where he spent his last night on earth, and then forward to his forsaken cry and the cross to unpick lessons for all time.

The amazing thing about Gethsemane is that it was the location of an olive press, and that word “Gethsemane” means “the place of crushing.” And so, as we think about the significance of Jesus’ death, how extraordinary that the night before he died, he was in an olive press for crushing, the place of crushing.

Now, Psalm 22 was written before crucifixion was invented. This is an extraordinary prophetic promise of what was going to come.

As Jesus points us to this psalm by quoting the first line, he also points us to the end. So there is hope. The cry of dereliction is ultimately also a cry of hope for us.

Make it personal:

  • When did you last read and meditate on Psalm 22? As you study it again today, how does it help you to understand Jesus’ death on the cross?

  • How do you find hope from seeing Jesus crushed on the cross?

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I can honestly say that I have never heard this what Amy has spoken on. Psalm 22 is a beautiful passage that ends in hope and glory. In these words I made to understand some of the suffering that Jesus felt, but also the hope that was meant by His death. Any time I think On Jesus’s death I am even more impressed on how thoroughly our sins have been paid for, what he did to pay for them. It was done. Let us all be thankful and accept the gift. :heart: