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The Defense Rests- Interview with Greg Koukl: Part 2

In this second part of the conversation between Abdu Murray and Greg Koukl we hear more detail on specific techniques for engaging others and learning about their beliefs.

If you didn’t listen to part one of this interview go here.

We hear about the “Columbo tactic” where, as Greg puts it, “the Christian goes on the offensive in an inoffensive way.”

Abdu makes the point that we should listen to understand not to respond. I think this is the beginning of not only sharing truth, but expressing true compassion.

It’s good to identify loaded or manipulative questions, learn to parry and keep the conversation on topic.

It’s so important to discover the person behind the question as we are called to view each person as precious in the eyes of God.

Have you used any of Greg’s tactics? How did it go?

What are some techniques discussed in this podcast that you’d like to employ?

Greg Koukl’s book, Tactics, can be purchased here:

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