The Difficult Road

(Joshua Elder) #1

Following Jesus, often leads us to a difficult road. As Christ was rejected in his day, so many times the cost of following Jesus will be our own rejection from family, friends, and relationships. It can be a difficult road. If Jesus suffered we too may suffer. As Jesus died so our old selves have to die too. We, as Christians, must pick up our crosses. Sometimes I think walking this road can make us feel alone. But we are not alone. One Christian put it like this:

“Whatever the path is, Christ is there, and to be with him is joy enough for any creature, whether man or angel. He does not send us to walk in a dreary, desolate road. He does not say, “Go ye,” pointing to a lonely way in which he is not to be found; he says, “Come after me,” so that we need not take a single step where his footprints cannot be seen, and where his presence may not still be found. If the sharp flints cut our feet, they have wounded his before. If the darkness gathers thickly here and there, it was a denser gloom that surrounded him. If oft times we must stand and fight, it was through fiercer conflicts that he passed. If the cross is heavy to our shoulder, it is light when compared with the one he bore. “Christ leads me,” said Baxter, “through no darker room than he went through before.” If the road were a thousand times rougher than it is, it would be well worth while to walk in it for the sake of walking with Christ there. Following Jesus means fellowship with Jesus, and the joy of that fellowship cannot be told.”

Are you in need of encouragement today? The joy of following Jesus is that Jesus is with us brothers and sisters. May we be reminded that we are not alone, we have Christ in us, and Christ in each other.

May God encourage you today,


(Tim Ramey) #2

Josh, your note could be taken as more Christian lingo but I think that it is so very relevant. Within our churches are people who feel all alone. Within Connect there are certainly a lot of hurting, lonely people.

One of my biggest issues in my Christian life has been the “silence” of God. Oh Lord, please show me… Jesus, I need to know, why is your Holy Spirit, who lives inside of me, not speaking??

Josh, you are right on. He never leaves us or forsakes us. Oh really, then where has He been? It is a matter of believing what He says is true. As the author of Lamentations says in chapter 3, "But this I call to mind and therefore I have hope… This Truth that Jesus is near to our heart is said many times over in a variety of ways in His Word because the Lord knew we’d need the assurance.

(Jim) #3

Lord I believe help my unbelief. Mark chapter 9 vs 24.
Gods speaks through his word!