The Education Curriculum

(Bra Krox Effectx) #1

I have had concerns about how we are going to raise our children in this age. Came across this video on social media and I’d like to know your thoughts. Thank you.

(SeanO) #2

@Bra_Krox_Effectx Thanks for posting that video. I did not get the impression that the interviewers were trying to demonize this woman, though they may have been a bit patronizing. I think that Ravi’s often stated point about our inability to find unity in diversity, university, in modern culture would have been well made. They were pushing her to say that believing that homosexual intercourse is wrong is the same thing as homophobia - or at least they were implying it - which of course it is not at all the case. We should be able to sincerely disagree and yet still get along.

I think she had a few missteps when she talked about homosexuality being a choice or possibly having suppressed her own feelings - but I also thought that the people conducting the interview - and the other man engaging in the debate - were fairly gracious with her and that she did a great job under that kind of pressure.