The example of Tony Bennett

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The attached article about Tony Bennett, head coach of UVA men’s basketball is about his decision to turn down a significant salary increase so that the funds may be directed to improving situations for others.

What challenges or inspires you about his decision?
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As Virgina’s website reports,

he’s built his program on the biblical pillars of humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness.

It is one thing to say those are your values. It is another to require your employees to live by those values! But I think it is most powerful when we can see a Christian live by those values. In light of this story, who wouldn’t want to work for Tony Bennett and his program?

I hear so many people say that it is impossible to integrate the Bible into how they do their work. But I think Tony’s example shows that our main need is for the courage to apply these Biblical principles to consequential decisions.


True! He is demonstrating the James 1:22 verse about not just being listeners but doers! I liked the pillars of his program also. They would produce good fruit and unity in any environment.
I was thinking about how I could be doing more for my community through business. I don’t have to have a lot of money or a big following to be able to make impact through obedience and being receptive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in even the small things. We never know how God may multiply His kingdom with a small offering.
His example helps me to look for ways I can work in the places I have access.

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