The family on netflix

dear rzim connect family!

has anybody seen the documentary about in netflix “the family”

this appeared on the top recommendations and I believe a lot of people will be watching it and we will be confronted with.

any thorough analysis made already on the topic?



I’d not heard of it, so thank you for pointing it out, @bracherbracher! But it’s now in my queue. I’d be interested if anyone else has thought through it.

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I watched, stopped at episode 4. Not sure what to think, but thus far I see it as an attempt to drive another conspiracy theory and cast a negative light on Christians. To me it’s the same fire that fuels the illuminati fever except it is the counter.

Things that I didn’t like:

  1. The program presents a very distilled version of Jesus. It reminds me of quote by David Berlinski on the dangers of distilling anything to it essences “… what is essential is not what has been distilled but what has evaporated". My take on this is that this Jesus is not the Jesus of the Gospel.

  2. The idea that there are the ‘chosen’ and the ‘more chosen’ would be hard to defend regardless of one’s theology and for the uninformed a sure stumbling block.

  3. Defining the mission of the church as one that seeks out the powerful to find more ‘chosen’ in secret is not something that can’t be supported in scripture.

  4. Comparing the organizational structure of evil organizations (Hitler, the Mob, Mao Tsung) and suggesting that their ‘success’ if you can call it that, and boiling it all down to being secretive and pledging an undying loyalty to the membership again is to me both a stumbling block to the uninformed a position that would be hard for anyone defend.

  5. To use the story of David as an example of God’s choosing a King and by default being his agent on this earth is not objectionable but to suggest excusing his sinful behavior solely on the grace of God as if to say it doesn’t matter "God’s got my back’ and somehow translating and transferring this to our modern day leadership is to miss the whole of David and God’s foundational relationship which I understand to be David’s undying loyalty to a gracious and merciful God.

Last, I am from South Carolina and at onetime was a fan of Mark Sanford but not so much anymore and less now.

A few thoughts.


Ok, I’m back… After watching the first episode, I have one burning thought to add to Jimmy’s reflections…

I was struck how in the initial episode and in the trailer, the creators were framing their narrative within the overarching narrative of ‘will to power’. That is, I believe that one of the cultural narratives pushed on us is that everyone is out for power. It is the primary motivating force, and no one is immune from it. Therefore, we have to be constantly on our guard, even against those who claim they don’t want power.

This doc. seems to fit that narrative and works to reinforce it.

I am aware that power is the DC vibe, so it’s not surprising that those who are that close to it can’t help but be influenced and corrupted in some way by its pull.

I’m interested to see how they develop the narrative further, so I’m sure I’ll post again at some point. :slight_smile: Have you seen it, @bracherbracher?