The Foundation

(Christopher Browne) #1

In this area I’d like to explore how Christian belief and politics can converge to establish certain foundational principles upon which a new politics can be established in Europe to counter increase in secularism. I wish to explore how we can build a consensus on what are the foundations of Christain based politics, in an era where division and polarization should be resisted.

(SeanO) #2

@ChrisSA Are you wanting to discuss how Christians should approach politics? What exactly do you mean by ‘a new politics’?

(Dee Ann Smith) #3

Thanks for the topic. I don’t see how Christians can NOT discuss politics. With surroundings steeped with happenings anti-Christian we must take an active role and not be afraid to protest and turn things around. So many matters that are an abomination to God are popular. Yes we are commanded to obey the government we live under, but so far we ARE the government by our vote and freedom of speech. I’m open to nonviolent suggestions we can change. I ‘m 81 and by God’s grace fairly healthy and clear-headed.