The Gift of Remembering

On Take Five today, RZIM France Director Raphael Anzenberger reminds us how important it is to remember those who have cared for us and guided us, and how the gift of Scripture helps us navigate our modern age.

I fear that the gift of remembering has been lost, as if the future was the only gift worthy of our attention.

Remembering is a gift, a silent gift, because it roots us in reality while at the same time pointing us towards eternity

Remember Jesus, my friend; remember all those who loved Him, and also loved you through Him

Make it Personal

  • Who do you remember who has loved Jesus and loved you through Jesus? How have they impacted you?

  • Do you find it hard to remember and reflect upon the past, or do you find it easier to focus only on the future?


I love to remember the time when I first heard the Gospel of God, 21 years ago. I feel very thankful for the person God used at that moment, my pastor then. I’ve never met someone like him, he showed me the love of God for me like no other, he really loved my husband and my daughters, he was very patient with us, and he was really interested to guide us to God, not to him. He took time to answer our questions, and I really appreciate that. I was saved because God use this pastor.

Today, I don’t know where he is now, but I always pray for him and his family.

I’m regularly used to look back the path where God has brought me all these years, sometimes it has been very difficult or sad, but also I’ve had precious moments and I’ve met unforgettable people. In both, I learned and growed up, and now I can say Thanks God for all the people and situations you put in my path, You are good always!