The God who writes my Story

When we watch films or read books, we mostly continue on in anticipation of what happens next. The conflict, the uncertainty the drama, we can’t seem to get enough of it.
Since I was a little child, I indulged in many of these stories, through documentories, books, animated shows. They satisfied my curious mind in ways only stories could, which is a stark contrast to my boring reality as a child. I would spend days in fantasy, away from what was around me and that which was ingrained in me was the building block which would set the direction of my life.

I made a decision that I would pursue the life of a comic artist, to draw beautiful worlds, interesting characters and tell stories which would impact and change the lives of those who read them. I grew up in a Christian family but God was nothing more than a religious figure in my life and therefore I never really made any connection that he could be part of my personal life.
Unfortunately, as I grew older, I became engrossed in work and acheivement. Drawing became something I did to be better than people at, I had to be the best to gain spotlight to be recognized. I had to be the smartest and the most talented, anything that doesn’t cut I would not accept. I lost sight of the child like curosity and dream God provided me with and started becoming a very depressed and selfish person.

As one would expect, life hit badly. Horrible relationships and rejection, failure and depression started to creep in. I fell into many bad habits such as toxic mindsets, cutting, drinking and taking pills to get high and to numb the pain and problems. Ironically, no one knew. It was shocking how normal I appeared in front of most people, yet I really wanted to give up on life but was scared of going to hell. I had no one to turn to and I was so tired.
It took quite a while but my pain forced me to seek God and find comfort in him. One day, through God’s intervention a video from Elevation Church popped up on my feed, the preacher, being Steven Furtick. Out of curiosity I gave it a go and that was where my journey with God seriously started. It took a very very long time but bit by bit I started to understand God for myself. Through a series of God arranged events and invitations, I ended up being more involved in RZIM events in my country and joining a Japanese church through the invitation of one of the RZIM speakers while pursuing apologetics and being given the opportunity to serve on Connect.

So… after everything, what’s my point? Part of me realized that me even being able to type this is all God planned. I’ve always been so focused on writing my own stories that it seems that I’ve forgotten about God’s. Controlling and doing what I think should be right to achieve my desired outcome only led me to a dead end where God started actively writing his story through me. There’s a lot of things I don’t understand or like about my life, similiar to many of the stories in the Bible. However, through my weakness and confusion Gods love and plan showed the clearest.
The characters in the stories cease to understand their situation, yet it’s through the conflict whereby the story progresses. Just like that, I’ve found a new purpose to continue crafting out art and stories.

Each and every one of our lives, like the many lives of the characters in the bible are weaved into the big picture of God’s loving story and despite the uncertainty and what is going on around us, I’m looking forward to see how it all pans out in each of our lives. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


Oh, wow…I just love how you’ve said this! The world says be the best you you can be. Do what feels good to you. When the exact opposite is true! We are His poem! And when we invite Him in and He starts writing His story through us…we get to walk in the beautiful worlds that He planted in your heart to draw.

I’m so very grateful He drew you out of the darkness and has renewed His purpose in you!



Thank you for sharing your story, @Kiko! I love how you titled your testimony! I have thought about that truth so many times over my life, and it has given me so much comfort!

This quote resonated with me and I though you expressed it so well.

I loved how you related your story to the individual people that God has highlighted in the Bible. It is encouraging when we see that the God who personally wrote the stories of those who have gone on before us is the same God who is writing our story. As others have said before, We can trust the judgment of God, because we can trust His character in our personal lives. He is a personal God and I am so thankful that He personally writes our story.


Thanks so much for sharing, Kiko! Praise God you have handed the pen of your story over to Him. May He continue to guide you on an adventure greater than you’ve ever imagined.



I have to say I started falling into your testimony like it was a novel. Thank you for sharing your heart.

The below quote captivated me. I highlighted it to paste it here then began to scroll down and saw it was in @AnnaLinzey ‘s reply also!

So many of us in our testimonies were in a state of weakness and confusion as you say Kiko. I was certainly one. But seeing another sister- or brother-in-Christ put it in writing, I can’t explain my feelings when reading it. It must be my Holy Spirit rejoicing for you taking the correct path back to our Father.

Thank you again for sharing!



I’m so glad you shared this @Kiko. I was engrossed in the account of your journey. You have a gift of drawing people in like @pdangelmajer said,
“I started falling into your testimony like it was a novel.” I trust the Lord will continue to use you as a bright light here in connect. I am blessed by you authenticity.
You are a sweet heart :heart:
Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Kiko,

I am so blessed with your powerful and inspiring testimony.

Just as HE did to my life, it was in the pain we go through that God will start to bring life to it and God will surely use you to people who are expereincing same.



Thanks so much @Kiko for this testimony. It’s beautiful to see how God has been moving you from a place where you were making your beautiful fantasy worlds to change others’ lives, to a place where you are able to express how God started "writing His story in and through you. His story is the “true reality,” no fantasy at all - “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” is how Jesus expressed it. And it isn’t boring, is it?

Things get so much better, don’t they, when we start “doing the good works that He has prepared for us?” (Ephesians 2:10). May God bless and encourage many many people through your drawings and stories!

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful story Kiko. And how you found purpose for the talent God gave you is exactly what God wants us to do.

I am so happy for you to have discovered God’s love for you so that you may live in victory. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, indeed he writes our stories, praise God for that. Thank you for sharing!

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Oh dear I’m so sorry for the late reply, have been a bit out of it lately haha.

@KCB yup, definitely, I can’t wait to see how he crafts each and everyones own unique poem :slight_smile:

@AnnaLinzey haha, I think we all do from time to time. Like when we are unsure we’ll end up thinking, I wonder what God is doing right now? I’m thankful it’s a truth that we can see play over and over again in the Bible, it’s really comforting!

@RebekahD I’d pray for all of your guidiance and help on this journey as well :pray:

@pdangelmajer aww Paul, you’re really too kind! My writing abilities are still far from a novel :joy: Admittingly I still feel lost and confused these days, like I’m not where I’m supposed to be, but I giess it serves us well to remember that santification and life alike is a journey of Faith​:pray:

@sig Man you guys are too kind, thank you for seeing so much in me. I’d pray that like what you’d said, the Lord will continue to grow and guide each and everyone of us here! :heart: Hopefully I’m as sweet as what you said haha, never expected to hear that from anyone​:pray:

@elsie.elio Definitely Elsie, it’s hard to see anything now but that’s what Faith is for :slight_smile: Unfortunately I can be pretty impatient sometimes oops :sweat_smile:

@Mohembo Hey Tim! It’s pretty cool seeing how God’s word apply to each of his children in their own unique ways! It really is a beautiful story, thank you for the verse and God bless🙏

@gchop Yup! I’m still pretty uncertain, honestly I wonder if I’m meant to or even good at what I’m doing haha. But the Lord sustains and we’re fightning from victory not for it🙏

@Malie He really does😊