The Historical Adam - William Lane Craig

Hi everyone, I’m following along in William Lane Craig’s current study: The Historical Adam. This subject is interesting to me, but not interesting enough for me to study on my own. I really appreciate how he considers so many angles and perspectives and where each view takes us when followed out to its logical conclusions. He has really forced me to be a more holistic thinker to follow him, and for that I’m thankful.

Is anyone else following along? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

And, if you’re not following along I’d still like to hear what you think about Genesis 1-11 :smiley:


@boabbott I am following the podcasts alright. It is interesting stuff. One thing that stood out to me was when he stated for an original sample size of 2000 to be accurate it assumes a constant mutation state. It is well above my head but I am enjoying the series.
Craig also states that he holds/will hold to the historical Adam and Eve until he is forced by evidence otherwise. He says that we are far from this point at the moment.


Thanks, @brianlalor. I’m glad I’m not the only following along. I remember him saying that there needed to be roughly 2,000 people too. But, later in his study, he said that was in error due to other evidence he uncovered in this process. I can’t quite recall the exact podcast that was stated. Nonetheless, for that to work, he said something along the line of needing other humanoids to exist outside of the garden… If that’s the accurate view, it’s going to be hard to reconcile that with Genesis 1-11 even if one adopts the mytho-historical narrative. I’m really interested in where the evidence leads and really glad he’s taking it on instead of me!


Thanks, @brianlalor and @boabbott
I am teaching college students in my church on the book of the Beginnings and William Craig is actually going to be teaching a mini-course at end of Oct here in Houston on H.Baptist University campus. I have not heard his podcast but will soon subscribe and start immersing into it. We are taking Genesis 1 one day of creation at a time, and in a few weeks we should be on 1:27 verse


@Oleg @boabbott FYI Reasons to believe are also doing a two part series called The Mere Historical Adam which I am enjoying very much. Here is a link if you are interested :handshake:

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@brianlalor and @Oleg, I just received RF’s monthly update. It devotes a significant portion to this research. It mentions a little bit about what’s discussed above, thought you might enjoy it: CLICK HERE.


Yes, I am watching the videos as well. I think I’m on part 20. I’ll try and chime in as things come to me, but I look forward to interacting with you on this.