The Importance of Integrity - Michael Ramsden


(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

How do we engage with people - where they are at - in a way that naturally leads to conversations about Jesus? This is a question at the forefront of my mind and one I would love to discuss with you.

To get us started, I think it is helpful to watch a talk called “The Importance of Integrity” by Michael Ramsden. In it, you will see how empathetically and insightfully he gets to the heart of a topic of incredible importance in politics, business, and our personal lives: the issue of integrity. You can watch the talk here:

There are a few lessons I learned from how Michael develops his talk.

First, he demonstrates his homework. He’s really thought about integrity. From how it affects politics, to stock markets, to friendships, his first point is simple and well illustrated: integrity really matters.

Second, he connects the issue of integrity to the question of purpose. He uses humor to make the point. If you use an iPad Air to serve cappuccinos, do you really understand the purpose of the iPad? Similarly, if you want to be a whole person, then you have to ask the question, What are you for? What is the basis on which you will decide whether you are successfully operating as a person?

Third, he raises another question: what do we do when we lack integrity? One option is to pretend the failure doesn’t exist. But what if we want to be honest about the problem? On this subject, he illustrates from his personal life some of his own shortcomings. This is authentic, relatable, and builds trust.

Through his own story, he transitions to the experience of forgiveness and transformation. If we want integrity, but realize we don’t have it, then we need forgiveness and the desire to actually live with integrity. Who or what can make that happen for us? It is in this context that he shares the gospel. Again, he illustrates this point primarily with his own life experiences.

Next Steps:

  1. If you’ve watched the talk, what do you learn from Michael’s example?
  2. Could you discuss the topic of integrity with a nonChristian friend? See how it goes - then come back and share with us what you learned!