The intent of the content of the questioner

Hi everyone, Pilate is an exampe

@Al_Clarke Greetings! Please provide a little more detail regarding your thought or question. Are you wondering about the intent of Pilate in questioning Jesus? Or are you wondering about the relationship between intent and content?

RZIM advocates answering the questioner rather than simply the question. Is that part of what you are getting at?

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exactly what is the intention of the inquiry by the person asking? I am researching RZIM for this comment for our study group in the fall.


Hi, @Al_Clarke! Sounds like an interesting study you’re prepping for. Do you think it’s possible to know the intention or motivation of the questioner? And how would you know it? :slight_smile:


Exactly. Ravi did several talks on this subject. I collected some notes from his talks. However, I am unable to find them to review, to watch again, or to listen to again.