The Invincibility of God

What does it mean for God to be invincible and what is the implication of this on our understanding of God?


Hi @dammydpst

I’m not really sure what you are looking for specifically, care to elaborate?

The implication from what I know is God is not just invincible. Everything that we are and the universe are, God transcends it ALL. He is beyond what we can ever comprehend. We can never understand everything that God is, but He gave us enough to know Him. That’s why we worship Him, at least we ought to.



An invincible person is someone that cannot be defeated or killed. An invincible person cannot be destroyed, conquered or killed. The invincibility of God is not a mere rhetoric of worship or a poetic veneration of God. His invincibility stem from His divine attributes and character as the Almighty God. His invincibility speaks of His eternal nature, His omnipotence, sovereignty, and the reason we can believe in the indestructibility of His God.

This quality He doesn’t share with anybody. For this reason, God deserves unreserved worship and loyalty. He is worthy of our trust. He is to be worshipped for everyone.


Amen brother.

Many times the Bible said and implied that none can stand against God. Which means none can destroy God.

The ancient Hebrew understanding of God’s greatness is in His power to create as a Creator (see Jer 10:12-13 for example). All were made by Him. And what is created is made of matter, time and space, in the same dimensions they all can be undone.

But since God is not created and not caused, and therefore immaterial, timeless, and spaceless. Hence we can safely say He can’t be undone as He is never “done” or created, for what is immaterial can’t be struck down, and what is timeless can’t be removed from time, and what is spaceless can’t disappear!

In your words, He is invincible, yes.