The Joy of Working from a Place of Rest

On Take Five today, RZIM France Director Raphael Anzenberger turns upside down society’s attitude of desperately needing to rest from work. The modern world finds it so hard to welcome disruption and all rest feels forced but, as Raphael points out, the call for Christians to rest presents this world with a truly disruptive witness of the faith.

Allan Noble is right when he writes, “Setting aside the Sabbath for fellowship, for rest, for acts of service, deeply contradicts the standard way we understand the modern world to be…it presents a disruptive witness of the Christian faith.”

Ken Shigamatsu…puts it like this: “I found that by honoring Sabbath, I could work from a place of rest, rather than desperately needing to rest from work…For me, the Sabbath is not only an invitation to rest, and to work from rest, but also an invitation to trust, to live not just by the sweat of my brow, but by the grace of the mana that falls all around me.”

The modern habitudes get it upside down. In the modern habitudes, we work in order to rest. But the creation habitudes get it right: we work from a place of rest.

Make it Personal

  • Do you work to rest, or do you work from rest?

  • How do you see Sabbath rest as a witness to the world around us?