The life of the mind and faith

Having an interest in Apologetics and the life of the mind in following Christ, we sometimes often fall into the mistake of accumulating knowledge in our head and become complacent with that without much action or application of the things we learned. It even becomes an ‘opiate’ (if I may say), an excuse, to not take steps of faith saying “I don’t know enough yet”. And sometimes we even tend to trust our reasoning more than trusting God.(This coming from my past experience of sincerely believing a 'not so biblical ’ preacher and finding myself on the wrong side.)

So How do we balance between the two- of having ‘Child-like faith’ and also being ‘wise in what is good’? Also how do we differentiate between childish faith and child-like faith? Any good re/sources too would be very valuable. Thanks.

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Interesting question @Theja.

Ultimately God (Father, Son, Spirit) is relational. Saving us is relational. Knowing God is relational. So all we learn and accumulate in our head needs to make that journey to our heart. We need to apply it relationally.

Even if it’s someone I don’t know. For example, instead of being irritated at the person causing disruptions in my day or ruining my commute in traffic, am I choosing to ask God to bless that person. Has my relationship with God changed me enough to start seeking God’s best good for everyone I encounter?

Does that make any sense? I’m not saying I’ve arrived at that yet, but I’m working to break down the walls I use to keep me from other people and make myself vulnerable to knowing them.

You are right, it is too easy to let learning about God become the thing and not the sharing what we know and love about God with others.