The longest journey- Head to Heart

I have often heard of Ravi saying “The longest journey in life is the one from the head to the heart.”
Does anyone know anything about this quote?
What does Ravi mean by this? What does it actually mean in a philosophical sense or in any other sense?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Theja Good question :slight_smile: That specific quote is describing the difficulty of living out and experiencing at an emotional level our beliefs. More fundamentally, the point is that our thinking and our actions/attitudes ought to align with one another. Check out the following article from Ravi to better understand his point.

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Thank you for the wonderful insight @SeanO .
I have one follow up question-
Do you think we can say that the difficulty of the journey is because of our lack of understanding of God and/or because of sin or lack of faith during particular times?

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@Theja That’s a great question that I think is different in complex ways for each of us. But I think there are a few things we can say to get a conversation going:

  • just like growing from childhood to adulthood, faith is a journey with growing pains, so we should expect to wrestle with both doubt and temptation in this life
  • anything that reduces our trust in God (fear, doubt, anger) or causes us to sin (greed, pride, jealousy) can prevent us from allowing God’s Word and Spirit to truly transform us
  • ignorance is a real problem and part of growing as a Christian is learning about ourselves, God and the world around us. False expectations or misunderstandings of ourselves, God or the world can cause disillusionment and present unnecessary stumbling blocks

What are your thoughts? Do you have anything to add or comments on that list?

When the mind is renewed the emotions are regulated and the will is subdued.(Ravi). More to come sorry break is over


@Theja While I don’t agree with Nouwen on everything, in this video he gives a good explanation of how one of the major problems we face is that we find our identity somewhere other than in God’s love for us. And that causes a lot of problems for us as we navigate the Christian life.

Yes we can say both of those things, but there is a third ( I’m sure there are more),
Our maturity plays a great role in how much we can absorb and how we filter what we experience. Scripture scripture scripture is key in our maturing. when we read the scripture our understanding of God is increased, even if by just a little bit and as a result our understanding of ourselves and our sin nature and or lack of faith is increased even if just by a little bit. And the next time we read it (by the power of the Holy Spirit) we understand a little bit more and so on. I believe it’s called the hermeneutical circle. it is how we grow and change and mature. Remember God is infinitely patient. we are on his timetable not our own.
Hope this helps