The New Member Journey

Hi friends,

When you join an established and growing community, it helps to know what you can do to join in! To make it clear and simple for you to become a regular member of RZIM Connect, we have created a ‘new member journey’ that will guide you through the process.

Stage 1: Join In
In this stage, you’re asked to create an account, read five posts, and introduce yourself in the #welcome-to-connect Category.

We want you to get a sense of how we respectfully and thoughtfully communicate - and we want to warmly welcome you!

Take your time to read posts, learn the culture, and search the community for answers to questions that you may have. There’s no rush - we’re so glad you’re here!

Stage 2: Get Started
In this stage, you’re asked to read thirty posts, like five posts, and say hello to another new member in the #welcome-to-connect Category.

By doing so, you’ll become more familiar with the culture of RZIM Connect and help make it a friendly, hospitable place.

Stage 3: Get Connected

In this stage, you’re asked to join an interest group (any of the groups that start with “Interested_In…”), contribute to a discussion, and ask a question in the #daily-evangelism Category. If you’d like, we have a brief tutorial on how to create a Topic or reply to a Topic.

By adding your voice to one conversation and starting another, you’ll directly contribute to the respectful, thoughtful culture of RZIM Connect.

Stage 4: Get Engaged

In this stage, you’re asked to read 100 posts, like 10 posts, and invite 5 friends to join RZIM Connect.

In this way, you’ll really get to know some of the other active members - and invite your friends to be part of this amazing community!

Stage 5: Thank You

Once you get to the final stage of the process, we’ll communicate how much you’ve contributed to RZIM Connect. We are grateful for every member and all that you contribute to the community!

If you have any questions about the process, please ask them here!


@CarsonWeitnauer This is a great idea.


How do you invite 5 people? Do they just have to reference you when they sign up?


Hi @Prestonp1985,

Great question! Thank you for asking this; it will help many others.

First, click on this link: invite your friends

Second, click on the Send an Invite button:

Third, add their email address and a custom message, then click “Send Invite”:



Happy New Year!
I tried to send an invite but it won’t allow me to send. It has a stop sign on the send button!


Hi @vuyiswakeyi, if you go to your invite page ( I believe you will be able to click “+ Send an Invite”.

Then you need to enter the email address for your friend and invite them. Be sure the email address is properly formatted. If you can take a screenshot to show us the problem, that will help us provide you with additional diagnosis and a solution.


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Hi @CarsonWeitnauer,

Is there any additional benefit to the invitee joining by invitation, as compared to downloading the app and joining by registering themselves, without any invites.



Hi Roy, thanks for asking! I don’t think so, but it may feel more personal to receive an invite from someone they know.

And of course, the only benefit to Connect is if it helps a person grow in their walk with the Lord and their capacity and desire to invite their friends to follow Jesus!


I tried to welcome Teresa but it failed to go through. I think I’m just too old to learn how this site works, sorry :neutral_face:

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I noticed you were able to welcome David, @Babychristian, so don’t give up! :slight_smile:

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