The Origin Of Life

(Tiago de Carvalho) #1

To my dear brothers and sisters in the body of Christ:


I’m appealing for help regarding points for the topic of the origin of life, and more generally speaking science itself. Not for myself, but to help others.

I’ve gathered some resources from different ministries and folks, but ultimately I would like to know your opinion and your own resources, when you are engaged to discuss about origin of life or science topics.

The Origin Of Life by JW
TheOriginOfLife.pdf (3.0 MB)

God, Science, and Atheism by Acts17

Science Killed God? by One For Israel

Mike Riddle on Theistic Evolution by Lamb & Lion Ministries

Do faith in God and science contradict? by GotQuestions

  • How would you approach or engage in these sort of topics?

  • Has this already been discussed within RZIM Connect? If yes, on which post?

  • Is there some video or resource by Mr. Zacharias handling these subjects?

Blessings to you all, in the name of Christ Jesus. Amen.

(Anthony Costello ) #2



I would suggest two places you can start that are very good, very scholarly resources for considering the ongoing dialogue over religious belief and the natural sciences.

Here is the website and online ministry of William Lane Craig:

And also the website for the Discovery Institute (the top think-tank for intelligent design):

If you are not yet familiar with these sites, I think they will get you everything you need to begin a serious and in-depth study on this topic.

in Christ,

(Kelly) #3


Hi Tiago, Such a fun and interesting topic. I’ve been reading and researching this topic as well. Thought I’d share one of the websites that I frequent:


Hi Anthony. Love having some new websites to peruse! Some much information and so little time.


(Stewart Hough) #4

The issues related to the origin of life are relatively easy to sort out and absolutely bolster faith in Christ. I do this virtually daily on a number of blogs, many of which are anti-theistic and are filled with the disinformation, misinformation and ideologically invalid positions that have become so public and intensely proliferated. Please let me know how I can assist. Regarding your questions:

  • How would you approach or engage in these sort of topics? - The subject of the origin of life is somewhat complex if you do not know the main issues of those asking questions. Knowing their hot points allows focusing of answers in the most brevity and relevance. So, I suggest you first get someone to be as specific as possible relative to their possible issues.
  • Has this already been discussed within RZIM Connect? If yes, on which post? I am not an RZIM “staff” but am an advanced apologist with Reasons To Believe, the most directed and analytically knowledgeable Christian ministry relative to the subject at hand.
  • Is there some video or resource by Mr. Zacharias handling these subjects? I am not aware of any RZIM sources that go into the detail that presently exists on the subject of the origin of life, but the RTB source @ is massively filled with all levels of science, Biblical interpretation, and philosophy.

Please feel free to ask any origin of life questions you may have, The truth glorifies God.

(christopher van zyl) #5

John Lennox has great books on this subject. I recommend 7 days that divide the world, and God’s undertaker. He has plenty of videos on the subject as well as debates. They’ve helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed helping!

(Jean Daniel Slabbert) #6

@TC85 My list of bookmarks is becoming so long I cannot keep up :blush:

Thank you for this. Below is another fascinating website that might assist. There are even, as @c3vanzyl mentioned, a number of YouTube videos on the top.

Thanks again.


(Anthony Costello ) #7


Reasons to Believe is also a very good ministry. They have the right kind of scholars in the right fields, so there is expertise in the relevant areas and a strong commitment to historical Christianity; good suggestion.

And yes, there are too many resources in some sense! I’m starting to realize that myself. We cannot spend all out time researching, even if we do want to make it a significant part of our ministry. I think that is why it is good to identify a handful of top sources in a given discipline and stick with them. All three of these ministries/organizations (Reasons to Believe, Reasonable Faith, and Discovery Institute) are reliable.

in Christ,