The Peace of Jesus amidst Anxiety and Uncertainty

This week we celebrate Ravi’s legacy through Take Five, as RZIM Africa adjunct speaker Hassan John draws on the words of Scripture, apologetics, and the context of West Africa to frame the power and depth of God’s transforming love through the lens of the Christian faith.

No matter how much we organize, or no matter how meticulous the plans or times and resources put into what we do, there will always be uncertainties brought by things we may or may not see and are unable to control.

What we sometimes miss or do not acknowledge, is equally the fact that there is One who knows, who is in charge, and who can change all situations and circumstances because He created the world and knows exactly what happens in every situation. Simply put, God knows.

Jesus is here to give us whatever peace we desire from the anxieties we face.

I want to invite you to give all your anxieties and concerns to Jesus Christ because he cares. He knows the way through the wilderness of uncertainties. He will lead you safely through.

Make it Personal

  • When facing tough circumstances, is it more natural for you to turn to God, or to go at it by yourself and attempt to grab some semblance of control?

  • Does helping people who are facing hard times make it more difficult for them to turn to God? Or is it possible to help others while also pointing them towards giving their anxieties and cares to God?