The Quran and the Bible

Hello! I have attended UAI for 2 years. I heard Dr. Gabriel Said Reynolds speak and I would like to suggest that he be asked to be one of the speakers in 2020. The Catholic perspective would give a broader perspective to the seminar and all the scholars could share ideas.


Thanks for the suggestion. As you suggest, Gabriel Reynolds is an excellent scholar, speaker and fine Catholic Christian man. The UAI team know him well and work in scholarly partnership with him in various projects.

Unfortunately (for UAI!), but sensibly for him, Gabriel is very careful about managing his public profile in ways that don’t compromise his access to the Muslim world. While supportive, he avoids such overtly apologetic contexts.

Again, thanks for the suggestion. Happy to take others! :slightly_smiling_face:

Richard (Academic Director of UAI)

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PS Welcome to the community! Great to have had you along at UAI…:slightly_smiling_face:

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