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The REFRESH 2020 Essay Challenge


Today @Shawn_Hart challenged you to abide in Jesus with REFRESHED obedience and joy.

But unless we intentionally decide to pray and write down our next steps, it all drifts away in the busyness of life….

So building on @Alycia_Wood’s encouragement to study Acts 17, we’re challenging you to reflect on this section of scripture and write a 500 WORD statement on the question, “How is God inviting me to share the good news with my community?”

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Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!! :facepunch:t4:



“How is God inviting me to share the good news with my community?”

Hi! I am Jox from the Philippines. Refresh2020 has brought me back to everything the university life has to offer – opportunities, struggles, relationships and crossroads of decisions and learnings. I met Jesus through a Christian youth group in university – trained with them, did discipleship with them and experienced one of the greatest life episodes of being a student. I carried on the concepts and lived out what I learned even when I got a job and got married. Surprise! I am currently a missionary here in Cambodia, a mom of a lovely daughter, a husband to a pastor AND chose to join Refresh2020! J

Despite the time difference between the live streaming there and here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, I managed to stay awake and learn with all the amazing speakers during this event. Why? Because my heart has always longed and belonged to in the campus – especially I am in love with the amazing individuals I have met and are starting to meet here in Cambodia. Despite my age (34) and married status now, I feel alive and purposeful every time I’m in my mission field – the university. I have always considered myself a learner and I believed one of the most effective ways to minister to souls in the university is to think through their own lenses and perspectives.

Acts 17:11 “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” (ESV)

Miss @Alycia_Wood stated in one of her messages that Paul spoke out of the commonality he had with his listeners. I wanted to truly minister effectively by listening and understanding to relevant issues the youth are facing now. Whatever culture they are in, I know God’s love encompasses every individual and every person should be given a clear presentation of the gospel. God wanted me to not be complacent of my faith, no matter what season I am in (whether I was single, a mother or whenever I will get older someday). Refresh2020 definitely refueled, refreshed and reignited my desire to share JESUS CHRIST to every Khmer students God will allow me to meet here. It is like entering a time machine and being brought back to the campus every time I listen to stories my students share with me.

I don’t want to just share my own understanding, but just like Paul did in Acts 17:2, he reasoned from the Scriptures. Refresh2020 and RZIM- related ministries geared me up towards life-giving and truth-giving ways to share the gospel. I look forward to be trained and learn more foundational lessons about God, His people and loving ways to evangelize to them (specifically in the unreached people group here in Cambodia’s universities).
Thank you GOD this gracious opportunity! Shalom and God bless you all!


Around where I live, it seems almost impossible to find a person who truly wants to take the bible seriously, to know Jesus and to learn about God and His amazing salvation plan. People that you meet will either dismiss Christianity right off the bat or talk to you but in a way that they’re really attacking you for believing in a “fairy-tale.” Some people have been willing to talk to me but, being a new Christian, I didn’t really know what to say to them. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve really been taught about how to share the gospel, despite growing up in a church my whole life. So, when people would dismiss me, I would never bother going back to them and checking to see if they still needed Jesus, even though I knew they needed Him. When people attacked my faith, I would attack them back, trying to win them with the argument, “I’m right; you’re wrong.” None of this worked, because I wasn’t seeing the person behind the questions. I would answer a question neglecting the whole reason that I believed in the first place: Jesus Christ and His love and grace that means I can be saved from my own sin and call myself a child of God. Even though God has helped me recognise that in myself, I still am not equipped to put evangelism into practise.

I’m 2 months away from going to university. I’m 2 months away from leaving the household I’ve grown up in my whole life, and honestly, I’m not prepared to give coherent reasons for the faith that I have. My generation needs the gospel desperately and God is putting me in a university that is not a Christian university. There is a Christian Union, but the campus is massive, so the percentage of Christians is low. Plus, the Christians I’ve encountered who are my age are losing the principle that their faith should be founded on the Word of Jesus Christ, as they get caught up in society today. As someone who firmly believes that Jesus Christ holds the ultimate word of authority on all things, I think this is something that needs to be brought to the people around me. To the Christians: to call them to look to God’s word, to write themselves into God’s story, not write God into theirs. To the people who aren’t believers: to show them what Christ did for them, to share that satisfaction is only found in the one true God of this universe, to say that death is not the end, and to show them that they can be a part of God’s eternal kingdom if they only repent and trust in what Jesus did on the cross. Christ is needed, and I can’t see a better place to continue in my discipleship than right on my doorstep.

Matthew 9:37 ‘Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”


How the world will look like if all of us loves God and love others? Years ago I began pondering to that question as I envisioned it as a great thing that could possibly happen in my community. That thing alone is God’s invitation to me to share the good news. I’m serving in youth ministry a couple of years now and I saw the vast need of these young men and women to get to know Christ. There are times when we go to campuses to set up Bible studies, have fellowship, exchange stories of ourlives and learn from one another. Relationships have been built and the gospel has been preached to them. The need of love is the need of Christ and I firmly believe that if we truly love our community we need to share to them the best thing that we can offer—the gospel. By knowing the good news they’ll know who and what real love is. I’m so sick seeing people ensnared to the world’s version of love knowing that I have the capability to share to them the authentic and life changing Love. This is the love that will never abandon you, the love that’ll wipe the tears in your eyes, the love that even you built up walls he’s ready to climb just to reach you and most importantly the love that is willing to sacrifice his life for you. That’s the love that I want my generation in my community to see. The conviction in my heart just telling me " C’mon Chaize, they can’t afford to miss it!" The burden in my heart is uncontaining and overflowing because I experienced the love of God first hand in my life. Hence, I want to share this amazing phenomena that no other person can bring but only in the name of Jesus. I’m still in awe that this kind of love exist in our realities. Who can fathom the love of God anyway?
I believe that Paul himself was driven by love. In 1 Corinthians 13 he effectively say that if you sacrificially act toward others with agape love, your life will be meaningful and in verse 13 he says that love is the greatest. Paul himself knew that love holds him. He encountered it in the road to Damascus. Being fueled by love, Paul, in Acts 17, do everything that he can, with all the methods in his mind just to reach with the gospel both Jews and Gentiles. Truly love conquers all.

Early this morning I watched @xandra Carroll on Refresh extra and she asked a very important question, is Jesus worth it? It came to my senses as I read John 21:15-19 that if Jesus is really worth it, we must love Him and in loving Him we must feed His lambs, tend His sheep, and feed His sheep. That passage talked to me a lot that we must extend the love of Jesus to others if we claim that we love Him. Love God and love others. That greatest commandment from Jesus is an enough motivation for us to let people know that they are loved as well. God is inviting me to share the good news in my community through loving Him and loving others. I believe that soon my community will never be the same because they chose to love God and love others. That’s what I have envisioned and I’ll begin spreading love through sharing the good news because loving Jesus is worth it!



My name is Domingo Osabel, 19 yrs old student from the Philippines. I was raised in a Catholic Family having common beliefs. I can admit that I believe in God, but honestly not in a way of having a personal relationship with Him. My faith was rooted in family tradition. Until when I entered high school, the same time when I pondered about the meaning of life and significance of faith.
One normal day when one of my friends invited me to a “Christian Retreat” where I first heard the gospel and accepted Jesus as my LORD and Savior. As I pursue my relationship with Jesus, I still have the same questions left unanswered. I experienced “church hopping” because the churches I have attended did not welcome my honest doubt.
Until I stumbled on a local church part of Christ’s Commission Fellowship, the same time I was introduced to Ravi Zacharias and his ministry of evangelism undergirded by apologetics. My brothers in faith guided me to answer my honest questions, be more confident in my faith, and to know Jesus more.

From the beginning of the Bible, it was proven that God uses His people to share His message to the unreached one. Even in times of Apostle Paul in Acts 17, when he shares the gospel amidst devoted Jewish leaders (v.17), skeptics, (v.32) and people who believe in other gods (v. 23). When we truly encounter the gospel and grace of our LORD Jesus, it is inevitable for us to share it to those who have not heard it.
My faith journey started when someone shared to me the gospel. Now that I’m in college and have grown in the knowledge, faith, and love of our LORD Jesus, by the help of the local church, leaders, Ravi’s books, RZIM, personal commitment, and recently ReFresh Extra 2020. I believe He also invites me to share the gospel with my community.
In accordance with Acts 17, I believe the way God invites me to share the gospel is found in the story of Apostle Paul. First, he always talks to people about Jesus, sharing about His death and resurrection. Second, the other principle follows, reasoning with them from the Scriptures (v.2), explaining and proving its necessity (v.3), and persuading (v.4). Then, even though some mocked him and some believed as a result, Paul continued to share the good news.

We can find a lot of motivations and ways in the Scriptures on “how" we can share the gospel with our community, but the most important principle is “why” we need to share it in the first place. The reason that “Jesus is worthy to be shared” is enough and if we claim to love God, it is inevitable to love others too, by sharing them the good news (Matthew 22:36-40)

“Unshared good news is not good news in the process.”


My High School Transition and Its Profound Impact on My Life

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How God Is Inviting Me to Share the Good News With My Community
I always planned life around what was convenient. It might seem crazy considering how much I served my church and local nonprofits. This commitment must mean I am super selfless and my only motive was to serve the Lord, right?

Wrong. I pursued ministry and volunteer opportunities to build up my resume, gain respect, and feel good about myself. It was completely exhausting. When would I ever have enough? Which act of service would really fulfill me?

I encountered Christ in a completely new way at ReFresh 2020. I realized God wants us to love Him first. Out of that love, we are called to serve Him. I always focus so much on what I can do for God, that I neglect spiritual disciplines like prayer. Somehow I read the Bible over and over but missed out on Jesus. I thought I could be a Christian all on my own and by my own abilities. I’ve never believed anything so completely false.

What will I do with this experience? Instead of keeping it in a bubble and simply remembering this week of ReFresh as a “nice time” or an “inspirational week,” I must take action. I have to let the real Jesus seep into every part of my life, breaking the box of religion, and claiming my heart as His own. Jesus must be Savior and Lord of my life.

If I let Him, Christ will produce radical change in my life. Harmful habits will be sifted out, while new practices such as scripture memorization and fervent prayer take their place. Even practices I view as harmless or neutral are being evaluated. Do they help me look more like Jesus? That is my goal.

By inviting me to let Him completely change what my life looks like, God is inviting me to share this Good News with my community. My changed life will so evidently reflect God’s grace, love, forgiveness, and mercy to others.

What will this look like in my life? While my plans are continually changing for this year because of the coronavirus, I will trust God to lead me to community. I have a deep passion for sharing the gospel with others and helping them understand the beauty of Jesus. I will ask the Lord to help me see His beauty so I can share it with others. I will use the example of Paul to reach people through familiar cultural references.

I would like to share Christ with others in my city who also enjoy running. The track can become my mission field. During social distancing, this has become a gathering place for families and athletes across town. I believe the Lord is leading me to find community through running so I can share the Good News with those who have questions or don’t know Christ.

No matter where the Lord places me, I will love the Lord. I will be a reminder through my words, actions, love, faith, and purity that Jesus Christ is Lord.


happy to see a fellow Filipino here :grin:


Same here!

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How is God inviting me to share the good news with my community?

I feel the question for me is not, “How is God inviting me to share the good news with my community?” but, “How has God been inviting me to share the good news with my community?”

I have called a small village in the Western part of Kenya home all my life. Most of my neighbors here are Muslims. It has now been 17 weeks of staying home due to COVID-19 but I have not reached out to any of them with the gospel. I took time to pray for them in June in the hope that I will be prepared to reach out to them with the good news. 25 days later, there is no step I have taken to be intentional in engaging in meaningful conversations with them about Christ. There is a conversation I had with one of them. She was talking about her experience in regards to family life (it has not been easy). I noted she mentioned a time she was prayed for when sick. While listening to refresh 2020, I was reminded of this. I hope the next time I will be able to engage more with her and use that experience to present Jesus Christ to her. I also want to reach out to many others in our neighborhood.

COVID-19 has come with its effects. In Kenya, the number of teenage pregnancies has skyrocketed. An article doing rounds on social media (not sure whether it is a trusted source) suggested that my County has the highest number of cases. This news disturbed me and I keep thinking of ways through which I can engage the teenagers in my neighborhood. The talks on sexuality during refresh 2020 have greatly equipped me to be able to reach out. I hope that this time around I will intentionally reach out and have conversations with them.

Recently, a neighbor committed suicide. I know that mental health has become a real crisis during this COVID-19 period. In as much as any of us can suffer from mental illness, I know of the difference the presence of Christ makes in the lives of those living with mental illness. I hope that in any small way I can be able to make a difference in the life of someone with mental illness.

Social media in Kenya (and the world over?) is full of secular content. I have noted that many Christians here are not actively engaging in social media. I was once (4 months ago) there. I am slowly improving in my social media engagement in the hope that I present Christ to people there.

One thing that has completely stood out for me during refresh 2020 is the compassion that the speakers have displayed. I need to be more compassionate and loving to the people around me (especially my family). I have learnt that that is the best way to present Christ.

Thank you REFRESH 2020!!!


This previous week of REFRESH has been a great blessing to me, not only the precious knowledge shared by the RZIM team but also the compassion and intentionality that they’ve shown. This has made a great impact on me because that’s what I have failed to show as I tried to reach out to others before. I wanted to prove i was right, formulating responses in my head and not really listening to them, and I easily get disheartened whenever there’s opposition. But praise God that through His word and people, He continues to teach and transform me.

Whenever I read about Paul’s missionary journey, I can relate with the opposition he experienced. I am surrounded by people who have different worldviews. My dad believes in Judaism (though we don’t have Jewish roots), my close friends in the university are atheists and agnostics, and some classmates who dislike God and Christianity. As I studied Acts 17, I believe these are the ways God is calling me to do as I share the good news to the people around me.

I must walk through life with them, staying connected and being close to them. I shouldn’t wait for people to come to me, instead I should be the one going to them. Paul was the one who went to the synagogue (Acts 17:2,10,17), even looked up close in the community to see how they lived (Acts 17:23). And our ultimate example, the Lord Jesus Himself came to us and became like us. It’s my natural tendency to isolate myself, be inside my own bubble and not want to interact with others. God reminds me that He called us to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt 28:19). I will step out of my comfort zone, make that phone call or video call, check up on the people around me, at the same time be vulnerable and open to them.

Show Christ’s love and character through my words and actions. In the first part of Acts 17, Paul was in Thessalonica. As I read his letter to them, he says, ‘’…You know how we lived among you for your sake. You have been imitators of us and of the Lord…” (1 Thess. 1:5b-6a). The people saw Christ in them and caused them to respond in Christ-likeness as well. This is what I am working on with the Lord’s help. And the closest unbelieving person in my life is my dad, I am with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I do my best to show him honor and love that I have received from the Lord. Little by little each day he actually sees positive changes in my life! Praise God!

In all this, I know that we can do what God has called us to do through His power alone. I pray that these have been encouraging to all of you as well. May our lives continually point others to Christ!


One of the best things I learned from Greg Koukl’s book “Tactics” was that we don’t have to get to the Gospel in every conversation. Instead, you’re better off setting the more modest goal of giving them one thing to chew on (“to put a pebble in their shoe”). Before, when I’d go out to evangelize I was daunted by the task of sharing the Gospel and always worried that I’d come across as ingenuine like I’d seen some of my Christian brothers and sisters do before me.

On my campus, there is a very well-intentioned group that goes out once a month to purposefully have Gospel conversations. Unfortunately, I think the way they approach it can come across as ingenuine because they try to insert the Gospel message into every conversation. It ends up being more of a sales pitch than an actual conversation, and people don’t want monologues they want dialogues! Hanging around RZIM and reading more apologetics books during quarantine, I realize there are much better ways to share the Good News and the Christian message: by asking better questions and building deeper relationships. Through relationships, God will soften hearts and opens ears.

The Plan:
This coming semester, my goal to share the Good News is ‘one room, one conversation a night’. Each night, I will put down my homework for at least half an hour to seek out a conversation with one of the rooms in my dorm. The conversation can go any way it wants, but the intent is to learn where people are at in life and ask challenging questions. I won’t expect the opportunity to share the Gospel to come up in every conversation and I won’t be disappointed if the conversation never gets anywhere deep. By intentionally building relationships, I’ll hope to have the honor of sharing the Gospel with them.

Now, for full transparency: I had this same goal last year (to go out every night and converse), but I completely failed to get the ball rolling. I couldn’t peel myself away from my homework, and I couldn’t get over the awkwardness of knocking on a random person’s door and saying hi. So the question for me is how to make this year different. Over quarantine, I’ve spent lots of time thinking about this. Part of the gameplan was to prepare more, so I read apologetics books, researched more questions about Christianity, and attended Refresh 2020. This preparation will help my conversations and questions flow more naturally so I’m not a deer in the headlights when I knock on the next door. Also, to hold myself accountable to the plan, I’m going to ask my close friends to check-up with me weekly and to push me over and through the awkward.

I’m at one of the few schools that are completely back to campus, but we are wearing masks 24/7 and social distancing protocols are heavily in place. With this said, I want to be on the lookout for those slipping into depression or are feeling overwhelmed by everything. Now is a great time to really double down and learn how to share my faith and love those around me better!


This is so encouraging to hear Isaac! It’s great to hear that you are going to be intentional about looking for those slipping into sadness or depression because I’m sure it will be a big concern in the coming months. God bless you in this next year of college. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


Praise Be To God.

Hi, I am Sneha, from India. God blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of Refresh 2020 & Refresh Asia 2020 for the first time in my life & the Journey is something that I will be grateful to the Lord for.

Since when I was a child, I always wanted to serve the Lord & loved doing the same as the opportunities where many. God led me faithfully when through my choice as a Christian Counsellor as He showed me the need of these people through my life. But things changed when I stayed away from my home to pursue my Bachelors and I started questioning why I believed what I had been holding on to- Was It because I went to a Church? Or something more… God blessed me with a church that encouraged and uplifted the youth to walk in the path of the Lord, gave us freedom to talk & prayed along with us & helped us built a personal relationship with God.

The reason behind me sharing my testimony is to remind ourselves that each of us are called to serve in different ways and areas. I praise God for making me understand that my calling is to serve Him by strengthening my fellow believers in Christ. God has used me to & is helping me to do the same with the help of the Word & my understanding from my subject/profession. There are times where I have felt like I was able to relate & empathise with people who came to me and some it took me time to get there, but through it all God gave me the right words to speak, comfort and help them out. I used to question God as to why he had created me the way He did, when I was a child but now, I see that those are the very qualities that He is using to help to serve the Church. I enjoy talking and relating to people whether they are believers or not, and now that India as a country is opening its mind to the importance of Mental health & mental health professionals, the Lord has opened more avenues specially within the Church. It is important to tailor make each response we give to people- specially keeping in mind of the age, gender, family background- just as Christ did & most of all as @Alcyia_Wood said about Paul, and I know that this has to start off with strengthening and encouraging the members within the church so that as I we show the world around us about the love of the Lord. Let us remind ourselves that there are two groups of people called ‘bour & ague’ who need to hear the gospel- Neigh bours & Colleagues.

May God’s Name Alone be Glorified.


Praise God for the desire to share about the Live of God. I have felt the same way about groups in my college & have heard my non believer fr riends hate Christ instead.
Hope & pray that the Lord will help you with this desire.


NEWS, an acronym for North, East , West and South in its very creation conveys that it’s intended to transcend boundaries to reach the beyond. It’s more so true when this news is good. Jesus commands every believer to be a carrier of the best of all ‘good news’ to the people of all nations. It’s by following this scriptural vein that my heart echoes the prayer of the prophet Isaiah to send me (an Indian in an Arab populated neighbourhood situated in the middle east , whose language I’m not familiar with) ,that I may share the truth of Jesus being more than just a prophet.

The passage in Acts17v22-34 reveals that while the Great Commission offers clear instructions on the ‘what’ of evangelism there is liberty and creativity on the ‘how’. Taking hold of this freedom I press forward to propose how God is inviting me to share the good news with my community.

Invitation : When you can’t reach people you make the people reach you. Offering others what I can readily cater to is the way I choose to go; free guitar or English lessons . Another example of a successful invitation is the delight of every Arab- Food. Extending a pot translates that the other person is worth my time and effort and that I’m inviting them to a place of relationship. It also seems appropriate that food be a part of something encompassing Jesus for He not only hosted meals(John21:9) but multiplied them too(luke9:10-17)

Interaction : The popular song ‘ They’ll know we are Christians by our love’ rightly sums up the intention behind interaction. Paul in 1cor13 makes no mistake to convey that love is an action word. And in love remains all things good.No matter how I choose to interact , be it through biblical stories, personal testimonies or Christian wall posters, it will all ring true only if love is visibly demonstrated in my life .

Execution :. While evangelism begins with the invitation , it’s at this stage that I transition from the how we live to the why we live by sharing the gospel.Since I am exclusively catering to the female gender due to cultural restrictions , stories about how Yesu al Masih met with Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan woman can be a great launching pad. I must present the undiluted nature of Jesus for it’s here that they primarily have the twisted truth . I can respond to questions I encounter using scripture,parables and practical life examples and if need be even their holy book -not because I believe it but because they believe it .

Paul took three Sabbaths to reason with the Jews at Thessalonica. I’m not certain of how long it will take me. I recognize that it’s the partnership between man and the Holy Spirit that renders evangelism effective, not models. As I go into uncharted territory I find solace in this ‘Lo I am with you even to the end of age’.(Matt28:20)


How is God inviting me to share the ‘Good News ‘with my community? (A 500 word statement)
I am called to proclaim the good news of God in Christ day after day, never ceasing, just as the disciples did. I have testimony of God’s movement in my own life to share with as a personal witness of God. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus from the Holy Bible is a truth of my life too which brought life in me. I will share with others how God is working in my life but as per scriptures, God’s saving grace in not only my life but it would be in others life too.

Customs and traditions of my forbearer Paul will I follow to reason from the Scriptures with the ones who believe and with some who would consort with me explaining and demonstrating that the Christ had to suffer and rise again from the dead, and saying, “This Jesus whom I preach to you is the Christ.
I shall search the Scriptures daily and pray God that they receive the word with all readiness so that many of them by His grace believe and not a few of them.
In spirit, shall I pray, so that I may reason with the Gentile worshipers, and even if I have to go and preach in the marketplace daily, I shall Confess my faith through song and word in worship, encouraging people in my community, preach to them Jesus and His resurrection through my daily activities and work, which express thanks to God making myself always prepared to give a reason for the hope within me.
There would be some people in the community having nature of God but cannot identify with the God of scriptures as to them GOD IS UNKNOWN , without knowing HIM they keep doing good ,to them I will proclaim HIM; God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands as you believed nor is He worshiped with men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He gives to all life, breath, and all things. And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their pre-appointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and have our being, ‘For we are also His offspring. Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now in His name I shall command all men of my community to repent, because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead and HE is JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH. Amen.

Glory ever be to God in Jesus name.
S Indira

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Hey @REFRESH2020 loving these submissions so far! Just a reminder to submit yours by Friday if you want to take part in the contest.

Some have asked: is the 500 word limit hard and fast? Our answer: nope! BUT - keeping it pretty close will help your chances of winning.

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” - Shakespeare

You guys are awesome. We’re already sitting around plotting Refresh 2021… see you there!!!

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