The soul vs biology

(Pat Finley) #21

I just wanted to say Thank you for this question. I’ve wondered the same my entire life, and I assumed it was something that would be a mystery with no answers. Still, it will be interesting to hear others’ insights. :slight_smile:

(C Rhodes) #22

Happy Sunday! Hey, I wanted to clarify one of my responses in ‘Soul and Biology’. When I wrote I would recognize you in Aslan Country, I did not intend it as a joke. I truly believe that is true. I believe the limitations we experience in this world will not travel forward. No introductions needed. We all will know each other and more importantly know our kinship to one another.

Thanks for indulging my per-snippiness. Now, maybe the urge to clarify will go away! Have a great day!

(SeanO) #23

@cer7 Appreciate the clarification :slight_smile: One day soon we shall be with the Lord in glory - Maranatha!