The Soul

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Does anyone know of a book or books that deals with the soul? The science of the soul from a Christian worldview is what I would like to find.

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Here is a good link to a lively thread about that very subject. It has a number links to utube, books and articles. I am sure that you will find it useful. If you have any comments please post them as I am sure that there will be renewed interest in the topic.

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Yes, many! My suggestion would be don’t start with Swinburne. He’s a bit hard to read if you are new to philosophy. Probably best to start with Moreland and then work your way to Swinburne. That’s not to say that JP isn’t a great philosopher, he is as well-respected as Swinburne, but he writes books like this one that are also aimed at non-scholars. Enjoy!

Here are a few:,204,203,200_QL40&dpSrc=detail

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@Hamlet44 In addition to the book by J. P. Moreland already shared by @anthony.costello, here is an article from Moreland that I felt was succinct and gave a brief summary of the Biblical argument for the soul. He points out that Christians have traditionally been substance dualists, believing that the soul/spirit is a separate entity from the body that survives death. But recently some people are moving towards physicalism, which suggests that the soul is simply the result of the workings of our brain. He gives an overview of how both the OT and NT affirm that we have an immaterial nature and a physical nature.

Moreland Article

“In sum, the Old Testament teaches that the soul/spirit is an immaterial entity that grounds and unifies conscious, living functions, that constitutes personal identity, that can survive physical death in an intermediate state, and that will be reunited eventually with a resurrection body. When we turn to the New Testament, this dualistic view of human life becomes even more compelling.”

“The clear teaching of Scripture, then is that a human being consists of both body and soul. Although some Christian thinkers deny this conclusion, their denial is not supported by Scripture, which overwhelmingly sets forth a dichotomy of soul (spirit) and body.”

Regarding trichotomy (soul and spirit different things) vs dichotomy (soul and spirit same thing), here is an article I have found to be good food for thought by Sam Storms.

Sam Storms Article Part 1

Sam Storms Article Part 2

Sam Storms Article Part 3

Sam Storms Article Part 4

In what way did you become interested in studying the soul? May the Lord grant you wisdom.