The spirit world

I was speaking with a friend of mine and a few questions were asked that I wasn’t sure how to answer in a biblical way.
-Question number one, “Can we see into the spirit realm. If a loved one dies can we see them sometimes? Like their spirits here with us?”
-Question number two, “did God create the world in six 24 hour days as we know them?”

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There are rare occasions in the Bible when God draws back the curtain and gives people a glimpse into the world beyond. II Kings 6:15-17, for example. And I Samuel 28:11-16. And Isaiah 6. And others. But this is not something that we can control. It is something that God sovereignly chooses to do for purposes of His own.

I do believe that God created the world in six, literal, 24-hour days described as evenings and mornings. Many people question that because it seems that it would take vast ages of time to accomplish in each of these days what is being described. Some will even say that it is deceptive of God to make the universe appear to have taken much longer than six literal days.

Well, I would say that God can “fast-forward” things - He can compress billions of years worth of activity into a single day. I can picture Him creating Adam from a bit of clay, breathing on him, causing the clay to resolve into a zygote - a fetus - a newborn - a child - a youth - a young man - awakening in his prime though he was only moments old. He went through all of the stages of development - he just went through them very rapidly.

And everything else that happened that week was likewise accelerated into six evenings and mornings.

As for God being deceptive - well, it’s hardly a deception when He plainly tells us in His word that He made it all in six evenings and mornings. If people make false assumptions based on their limited observations, then it isn’t God who has deceived them so much as them deceiving themselves.

How did God accomplish this? Well, perhaps He used time dilation in a universe expanding near the speed of light. Perhaps He dilated time with the super-gravity of all the concentrated matter in the cosmos as the universal expansion began. Perhaps it was some as yet undiscovered law even more fantastic than E=MC2. But then, that’s what the thrill of discovery is all about, isn’t it?

But if you begin with a false assumption, how will you know in which direction to pursue your research?

I believe God deliberately used phrases like the evening and the morning were the first day in the creation story alone just to steer us in the right direction - to avoid deception.

I think it’s too bad more people won’t take His word for it!


This was eye opening for me. Thanks for giving some scripture to reference and study. I’m looking forward to talking with my friend as I look deeper into this. Thank you for your response!

I really like @jlyons answer. In addition to that I would also quote the Dook of Daniel. It shows as well the world beyond. I think as well that today we draw a line between the spiritual and the physical more clean than it actually is (I’ve heard this way of thinking origins in the enlightenment, but I’ve never researched too deep into it). The physical impacts the spiritual and the other way around. Sometimes something physical is caused by something spiritual but that does not mean everything is spiritual. We will only know the extent to which this occurs after we die and maybe not even then. But I wouldn’t be to sure that you have never seen something spiritual. I hope that made some sort of sense.

To the creation I again like the approach @jlyons gives, but I would slightly disagree. I would rather consider the culture of the people to which Genesis was written. You can’t explain physics and chemistry to them. Neither can they imagine a period of billions of years (not even we can, let’s be honest) so my approach is that first Genesis is Gods way to explain the beginning to the people in a language they understand. I think the term day therefore is not to be taken literally. I may be wrong on this one though. I really like John Walton’s view to questions like this. There is some of his stuff on Youtube, but I’ve also read “The lost world of Genesis One”. I hope this gives you a point to start.

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