The Unforgivable Sin

I had a discussion with some family today about the verses in Mark 3, specifically 3:28-29, which states that blasphemes against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven. We were trying to reconcile this verse with the forgiveness of sins through Jesus. Ultimately we settled on the idea that it was Jesus saying if you do not accept him into your life it is unforgivable. I wanted to ask the community for your thoughts on what Jesus might have been referring to when he is talking about blasphemes against the Holy Spirit. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


I believe that the best explanation for the unpardonable sin is that it’s the sin of an antichrist.

Many people who reject Christ do so out of ignorance. They are not adequately informed about Him, and what they’re rejecting is a distortion of Christ. This was the case with Saul of Tarsus. He’d been told that Jesus was a sorcerer and a blasphemer, so He persecuted Christ in ignorance. And he later explains in I Timothy 1:13 that this was precisely why he was able to obtain mercy. People like this can often discover the truth about Christ and turn to Him for forgiveness and salvation. They aren’t really “anti” Christ - they’re “anti” a distortion of Christ that even we followers of His would oppose as well.

But a true antichrist is one who has been fully informed about Who Jesus is and what He did - has been convicted by the Holy Spirit about the reality of Christ and His claims, and with eyes wide open has hardened himself in hatred against the truth. He has sinned against the fullest possible light - against everything the Holy Spirit has showed Him - and he denounces it all, blaspheming what the Spirit has revealed. And once he has hardened himself into an antichrist - a hater of Who Christ really is, then he is hardened beyond pardon.

But the reason has nothing to do with God’s infinite ability to forgive. Anything a sinner can repent of, God can forgive. The problem with an antichrist is that he has hardened himself into reprobate irrepentance. He has seared the mark of the beast across his own soul (metaphorically speaking). Once a person has sinned against the fullest possible light… well, where can you go from there?

I hope this will provide you some additional light to consider.


The Unpardonable/Unforgivable Sin has long been a discussion in The Church at large. The Didache one of the oldest writings of the early Church talks of this: 11:7 In addition, if any prophet speaks in the Spirit, you shall not try or judge him; for every sin will be forgiven, but this sin cannot be forgiven. It is clear here that the early Church considered that a sin against the actions of The Holy Spirit would never be forgiven. This does not mean that they were correct but it gives us insight on how they interrupted Mark 2:28-29. I will also note here that the Didache gives examples on how to know the difference between a person speaking prophetically from God and speaking in the Flesh. This is done by observing if the person says Do something for me as opposed to Do something for another person who is in need.

If you look at the context of Mark 3 it is clear that Jesus was being accused of acting on behalf of Satan when in fact He was acting in the power of The Holy Spirit. This means that the leadership of the Jews were claiming that acts of The Holy Spirit were acts of Satan. This in fact is a characteristic of the Antichrist that @jlyons is speaking about.

So what is Jesus saying here? I believe that Jesus is saying that when you ascribe miracles and actions that are clearly from God to be of Satan AND you do so with knowledge that this is false you are sinning against The Holy Spirit. The early Church was even more sensitive to this by stating when you see a miracle do not judge it but rather test the person through whom the miracle occurred to ensure that the person is of God. Refer to Mat 12:31-32 “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. 32 Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come. Here Mathew is speaking of the same subject and Jesus clearly says that you can judge Him as a man and be forgiven but you cannot judge The Holy Spirit. I believe the reason for this is that everyone knows and senses between the works of Satan and The Works of God.

Finally I will mention here that I believe many false teachers and prophets of our time use these verses to coerce Christians into accepting them. Such persons do not convey these teachings correctly because they try to remove their persons from judgement when Jesus is clearly saying that you can judge His Character. I say this with in the context that I do believe God does impower Christian to Teach and Prophesy in the Power of The Holy Spirit in the world today.

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Just to add on to the answers here the unforgivable sin is unforgivable because you aren’t asking for forgiveness. You are willingly and knowingly rejecting the truth. The religious leaders of that time knew the scriptures better than anyone and knew Jesus was the Messiah but because he didn’t fit their narrative they said he was being used by Satan knowing that wasn’t true. This is rejecting the Holy Spirit and can’t be forgiven because you have cut yourself off from the holy spirit on purpose.

They are pretty much saying they don’t want to be saved and don’t want the Holy Spirit in their lives. As a kid, I was so scared I committed this sin lol but the truth is those who do this aren’t sorry or worried about it. If they were then it’s not fully rejecting the Holy Spirit. The religious leaders had everything in front of them. Jesus, Miracles, and preaching that changed lives. And these things continued even after Christ ascended. Yet they rejected it all for status, political power, and control. With this sin Jesus can’t forgive you unless you ask and want forgiveness he’s not going to force anyone to receive him or salvation. They rejected it so they weren’t forgiven. Now what some may have said on their death bed who knows. lol


Just as a side note I want to say that if you are worried about committing the unforgiveable sin you haven’t committed it. As @Luna said its unforgiveable because you aren’t asking for forgiveness. One of the greatest measures that you are in the care of The Lord is that you are concerned about the sin in your life.