The world is not how it was intended to be

I want to hear what y’all think about this statement. Before, I used to think this challenged the sovereignty of God. But then as I thought more about it, I started to think that perhaps maybe we, being simple humans, shouldn’t be able to challenge Almighty God’s sovereignty so easily with just a thought.

I ask because I think this statement has huge ramifications. For instance, my grandmother is dying and to see her in such bad shape was heart breaking. And as I thought about it, I found it far more relieving to admit that the world shouldn’t be this way, that we shouldn’t have to watch our loved ones wither and die away. I found that as I stared at heartbreak and allowed myself to acknowledge the fallen, unintended state of this world, I longed for a savior. And I found myself wanting to praise God that he sent us a savior to redeem this fallen world. I’m afraid that stating the opposite, that the world is exactly how it was always intended to be, simply for the sake of not challenging God’s sovereignty, doesn’t allow us to admit that the world is fallen or allow us to realize tragedy. And when faced with tragedy, we are forced to rationalize it away as actually a good thing (a blessing in disguise) because everything is unfolding as it was always meant to. But when I look at scripture, I am struck by the shortest passage, “Jesus wept”. He saw his friend and knew that it shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t have to watch our loved ones die. But praise God he sent us a savior! Joy becomes fundamental when we allow ourselves to admit this and sorrow becomes superficial. And tragedy, rather than pushing us away from God, actually magnifies Jesus because in those moments of darkness, we long for a savior and we see just how heroic and important his sacrifice was.


Robert, all I can say is thank you this really touched my heart deeply.:heart::heart: I have watched my older sister, Father, Mother and almost my brother who lost a lung do to cancer. It was very comforting to me. Even though man messed up what God intended His sacrificial mercy comes to the rescue.

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Hey Robert @rla9316, thank you for your reflection. Very true. Our world is nothing without our savior especially with our continuous pride in our own knowledge and ways. If it helps as well, remember we only have one view of the world. Our God on the other hand, sees the past, present, and future. It is hard to see our loved ones going away but remember they are going to him. It is a blessing. Who wants to stay here in this world. As He said, we are not of this world and we have to return to home. I hope this gives you comfort as well.

God Bless. :hugs:

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