Think and Grow Rich Conundrum

Not knowing where to ask this, I figured I would just Ask Away!

I have an entrepreneurial bent, as does my beloved husband. I lost my job in April of 2018, so we decided that might be an opportunity to pursue another business. I started with an entry-level E-commerce training program that was relatively inexpensive, but it required a lot of investigation of their training offerings to figure out on your own what to do.

Frustrated by that, I allowed myself to think that spending more would provide a more solid direction and process. So we signed up for more intensive instruction that promised a step-by-step blueprint of how to start, run and be successful with an E-commerce business. Instead, we were trained in “self-actualization through meditation” and “cultivating and nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset.” Naturally, this path was not the one we signed up for, and it misdirected us when we were most vulnerable.

Since becoming involved with this sort of “business” thinking, we have seen a massive proliferation of it… visualize your success, realize your success. Make sure your goals aren’t focused solely on yourself (and here’s a charity conveniently positioned to receive) or you won’t succeed. I have been battling this business version of “name it and claim it” for nearly a year now… I don’t have enough faith. I don’t believe. I am exuding negative energy. Just be positive… “Build it and they will come, but you have to tell them about it ! Here’s how! Take more training!”

This is becoming the new church of the age! I even said to one of the leaders, “This is a ministry for you, isn’t it…” The look on his face has haunted me ever since, but I let the knowledge that the primary leader claims to be Christian cloud my judgement (even though he joined his wife’s church to meet her one requirement for marriage, but only God knows his heart).

Why am I sharing this? What is my question? I need to know how, or even if, to let other believers that participate in this “nation” know that they aren’t crazy… that Kool Aid is Kool Aid, no matter how it’s served.

What do I do?


The spirit of wisdom is not the same as the spirit of wizardry. Seems like the the new age blends these two in an attempt to use principles of wisdom and effectiveness in the exercise of will worship and wish-craft.

Regarding the book Think and grow rich, There are some key concepts and effective principals in there to consider. Not sayin’ it’s all true or all good. Just saying there are things in that book that can help an entrepreneur be an entrepreneur.

Thank you for your response. Might you elaborate as to which concepts in this book are good, and which might be questionable?

The entire book is questionable. Definitely not Christian.
The subject of these deep dark unknown interworkings is a sketchy place to be. But beyond the glaring new age falsehoods there are considerations contained in the book that can be useful to an entrepreneur. For example:

Regarding the small colored child: daughter of the tenant who was sent to collect 50 cents from a fiery white man (a story near the beginning of the book)

What happened to the uncle that caused the uncle to lose his fierceness?
What strange “power” did this child use that made her “master” over her superior?
Which power enabled an ignorant, illiterate colored child to conquer an intelligent man?

These questions and considerations can and should be discussed in less than meta-weird-spiritualistic terms (for sure). But that doesn’t make them any less metaphysical. The entrails of the story I mentioned and the questions the story provokes have to do (among other things) with an entrepreneur’s position, mind set, understanding, knowledge and courage.

Entrepreneurs tend to bite off more than they can chew, and then chew it. But since that’s technically impossible the entrepreneur finds tricky workarounds, systems, solutions and help, which… make it possible. He overcomes obstacles and sometimes seems to “pull the rabbit out of the hat”.

Sometimes his airplane flies, other times… he hopes for a soft crash landing. My point is that It’s a messy process that has to contend with difficult issues and what may seem to be impossible barriers. … Not for the fainthearted.

The considerations that stem from this little colored girl story is food for important thoughts that surround this arena. There are handy principals and practices that support the logistics for doing the seemingly impossible: for example, one of these principals might be masterminding with others as you progress along the path of failures and success.

These things don’t have to be mixed with metaphysical woo-hooey. But some of them are. I’ve never recommended the think and grow rich book. but I’ve paged through it (among other things) and recognized a certain level of value in the principals.

Oof, @Leslie_Eyton, I am so sorry you’ve had to go through this faff! That sounds like an incredibly frustrating experience. But I have been interested to hear you own reflections on the subject, and I think those will be incredibly valuable as you encounter other people who may have been through a similar process.

I chuckled when you called the process the ‘business version of name-it-and-claim-it’. That seems super-accurate, even as I was thinking it sounded like a ‘prosperity gospel’ of some kind! It seems some people are always peddling something.

As you continue on in your e-commerce endeavours, I think you should start a list of ‘Things I was taught about __ that turned out to be complete rubbish’. :smirk: Or something along those lines! But seriously, deepening your critique of that movement could serve to benefit not just your life, but others as well. Who knows what other opportunities would present themselves? It would also be interesting to hear what you find does work. :slight_smile: