This is Rose

(Rose Amer) #1

Hi everyone

This is Rose from Niagara Falls Canada. I am not sure why I have to write this intro. I find RZIM Connect quite confusing may be it is just me but I love the idea of bringing brothers and sisters from around the world on one forum. I am a RZIM alumni and love to stay connected with ya all.

Have a blessed day.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @roze4jesus, welcome! Introducing yourself is optional, but I’m glad you did - it helps us get to know one another a little bit before we dive into conversations.

There are a number of tutorials available to navigate the site:

It is a very active, dynamic community - it will be a blessing to have you join in with brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world.

(SeanO) #3

@roze4jesus Welcome to Connect! So glad you’re joining us - it’s been great to be able to read your posts already so far. Looking forward to hearing more of your story and praying that the Lord Jesus would bless you in all that you do. See you on the forums.

(Rose Amer) #4

Thank you Sean. I feel welcomed here.


(Nancy Mol) #5

Hi, @roze4jesus…I’m your neighbour to the south-west of you…I live in Dunnville…welcome.


(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

I’m glad to have you here with us, Rose (@roze4jesus). Looking forward to learn from you and to interact with you. Welcome to Connect. :slight_smile:

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(Rose Amer) #7

Thank you. I am glad to be back here too.

(Rose Amer) #8

Hi I have a co-worker who lives in Dunnville too. Small world ehh!

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(Nancy Mol) #9

Rose…That is crazy…it is a small world…