Thom Pron

Hi. I’m Thom Pron from the Philippines. I was led to join rzim connect in order to message Ravi and to encourage him back and to somehow return back the favor in all those times where he blessed and encouraged me. Hoping to contribute in any way to this community and to learn more alongside each and every one.


Welcome @Thom_Pron. So glad you are here. Yes you can send your message #thankyouravi. Let us continue his legacy and continue to save many more souls until we go back home to meet him.

God Bless You.

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Hello @Thom_Pron and thank you for writing. We welcome you into the Connect community and are thankful that you have joined.

I saw from reading your post that you are interested in writing Ravi a message. If you would like to do so here is the link: #ThankYouRavi

We would love to know how the Lord has used Ravi and this ministry to impact your life. We also welcome your involvement in this community. This can be done by asking questions or posting something that is important to you. We know God has equipped each of us in different ways to minister to one another and your contributions are appreciated.

May the Lord bless you on your journey and lead you in His wisdom and will for your life.

Mary Beth