Thomas Wilson

Say hello…
Where are you from?
Joburg, South Africa
What led you to join Connect?
Listening to ‘Ask Away’ and having many questions that I am wrestling with in my faith.
How do you hope to contribute?
Uncertain at this stage.


Welcome @Thomas_Wilson

It is amazing to have you join the connect family. Be sure to explore, engage and enjoy the abundant resources here. Ask way has been a blessing to me too.

Feel free to join the conversation anytime. So How has the Lord been so Good to you?

With Love and Grace
From Nigeria


Welcome aboard @Thomas_Wilson. Love the Ask Away program. What would you say are the top two issues that challenge you that you would like to explore? The discussions are great so participate as often as you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @Thomas_Wilson, it’s wonderful to have you here. Feel free to ask questions or use the search engine to find any related topics. I have really come to love the “Ask Away” podcast. I trust you will find connect a helpful place for spiritual growth. You will also find that we all wrestle and we are here to encourage one another. Take care and enjoy browsing through the topics. I trust you will be blessed :pray:t3:


Hi Thomas! @Thomas_Wilson
So glad that you’ve joined us! :relaxed:

Ask Away is a great podcast! Have you checked out the other RZIM podcasts, as well?

I hope that you’ll take to the forums with your questions. This community is a safe and supportive place to grow and learn together. I’m sure many would appreciate the questions you ask- as many here may be wrestling in the same way!

Journeying with you as we strive towards truth and love in Him.