Thomas Winkler

(Thomas Winkler) #1

Good afternoon
I am Thomas from Switzerland. I will be participating in the OCCA Business Programm 2019 which I am tremendously looking forward to!
Having grown up in a Christian environment (my father was a minister), almost all of my life I have banked on the great teachings and values Jesus Christ has provided. Through responsibilities and challenges in my business (banker, entrepreneur), as well as charitable activities (board of trusts) I have realized, that I have shortcomings explaining my Christian faith in a more complex context.
A friend of mine referred me to RZIM.
I am happily married to Astrid for 33 years, we have two great kids (28 & 25) and are now evolving into the empty nester phase. I hope to be an encouragement, together with my wife, to many following Christ and listening to his voice.
Warmly and blessings

(Rodney Neufeld) #2

Welome Thomas,

Thanks for sharing, it is great to have a place to connect to believers around the world.

God bless you on your continuing journey!

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome to Connect, Thomas. :smiley: Praise the Lord for your heart to know Christ more deeply and also lead others into a relationship with Him. Looking forward to hearing from you on the threads. It’s a wonderful place to study together.

(R. S. Mills) #4

Welcome :pray:t5: to RZIM Connect Thomas!

I see that you have also been cursed, I mean blessed with the entrepreneurial spirit😄. Congrats to you and your wife on entering into a new phase of life. May God continue to lead you every step of the way.