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Say hello…

Where are you from?Indiana

What led you to join Connect? You Tube and Ravi attended school in Chicago with my Rabbi

How do you hope to contribute? That we shall see.

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@t0797tj Hi Thomas!

That’s so neat that Ravi and your Rabbi went to the same school! Looking forward to hearing from you on the forums. Welcome to Connect :slight_smile:

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I was saved at age 33 ,I’m now 78 and have attended churches for many years. When i was 69 years old I discovered a family heritage from a great grandmother of being a Jew that had intermarried with gentiles and lead to the Christian Church in the family from 1866… I became interested in Messianic Judaism and I started attending a Messianic Synagogue In Indy. Well obviously being a believer that Yeshua was the Messiah, I had no other choice. In the 8 years of attendance and under a great Rabbi, My faith and understanding of the connection of the Old Testament and the new, has created answers and questions. I now live a life of worship with Yeshua and my connection to the Feast of the Lord and and the many instruction given by G-d to us. My children attend Protestant Churches and I do encourage them and on special days , christening of grand children etc , we will attend with them. I want them to be believers. Period. I enjoy Ravi on You Tube. My wife and I listen and watch nearly every week to his expounding of different issues. Thank you for letting me join this. Shalom Aleichem.

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Hi There, Thomas!

You have such an interesting story. I’d love to learn more about Messianic Judaism.

I’m assuming you were raised Protestant, then once you learned of your Jewish heritage,. this is when- at age 69, you joined the Messianic Synagogue? What a journey you’ve been on!

Your history must be rich in tradition and story from your Jewish great-grandmother marrying a gentile. I’d love to hear that story, as well :relaxed:

Would you mind expounding on the ways that being a believer in the Messiah, while going to a Jewish Synagogue might differ with those Believers attending a Protestant church?

How does living out our faith look similar/ different? (as a Messianic Jew vs. a Protestant Christian)

I’d love to hear your perspective!

Thank you for joining our community! I imagine many will love to hear your take on things :blush:

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Well, I could write a short novel on your request but; I try not to. Yes’ quite a journey. I started investigating Messianic Judaism after my brother in Dallas a Pastor and I begin our lengthy discussion on family history. Obviously I never knew my Great Grandmother or great Grandfather, but I have a copy written by and Uncle who was a Pastor of a small EUB church in central Indiana . So from there we started putting the picture together slowly piece by piece. The story goes she first tried to immigrate to the U.S. but was denied so she immigrated to Scotland from there to the U.S. into North Carolina. The Civil War was either going on or about to. She had a problem with the way blacks were treated so on to Indiana. 1888 they tried to move to Kansas, but were scared of the Indians. My Grand Mother told me about walking to Kansas behind a wagon when she was 12 years old. i was about 12 years old when she told me this story so back to Indiana where my Grand father started a Baptist church in 1906. he died early and My grandmother buried two more husbands before he death in 1951.
As a child I attended the EUB church( Family obligation I guess… When I went into the Navy and ended up in Nam I stop going to church. Back home I met a girl Southern Baptist and attended with her raised a family, graduated IU and worked for Chrysler for 36 years. She passed away in our 48 year of marriage. But my investigation started two years before her death. Three weeks after she died I was attending the Synagogue.
Messianic vs Protestant hum same but different. the music is manly Hebrew Messianic mostly in English, Hebrew dancing, the hora and several others, a meal after the service, normal length 2.5 to 3 hours for the service then chow and fellowship. on Friday 7:30 till ? the Rabbis teach out of both testaments but; ties them together, taking a scripture from the old he will take that to the New and explain the connection for instance Isaiah 53, perfectly describes Yeshus ( Jesus). There is sometimes a definition of a Hebrew word that has been misinterpreted from the Hebrew to English and that explained.
Our congregation though small has several blacks some former gentiles and some Jewish . I said former but according to Rabbi Saul if you are saved you are en-grafted into Judaism ( Romans 11). Acts 15 tells us the requirements of a gentile who has been en-grafted. NEVER heard this in the gentile church ( replacement theology).
Living it out generally the same with some minor and major differences. The Sabbath( Saturday) we do not work. Our meals are prepared on Friday the eaten on Saturday. We in my house observe the food laws, we observe all the feast of the Lord; Passover etc. The moral law in followed, I don’t have to explain that. While there is not great sin if one has a class of wine with a meal, Drunkenness is a no no.
i have since married a Jewish lady (5.5 years now) we read the Bible daily with each other, pray for our children she had two I had two we have 19 Grandchildren and Great Grand Children. whom we love and support with prayer ( Sometimes money).
She had never attended a Messianic service, she cried the whole time. She stated to me she felt the Holy Spirit go through her and all was forgiven and under the Blood. What a wonderful G-d we serve. In our time together we have had a healing of one of her sons who was dying and after prayer an anointing with oil was healed, back to work raising his family in the Church.
Now; I think our G-d was us to attend and support where he sends us. He only expects us to be vigilant under who we sit and worship with. Bible believing supporters of the living G-d.
We tried to visit Protestant churches as Messianic Jews and talk about Jewish evangelism over 80 of them. Alas we felt like second class citizens a lot of the times, ignored or even abused. ( You Jews Killed Jesus) but we still love them if if they are wrong. We stopped this and now just individually we work this.
Are we happy? you bet! do we tithe yes…never before so I’m finally growing up. True wealth is not money or possessions but our G-d meeting all our needs. HE DOES.
Thank you for your questions, I’ve had to think about my response and relive part of the adventure.
May our G-d bless you in your going out and coming in.

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What a beautiful introduction! Welcome @t0797tj :heart:

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Thanks for sharing, Tom.
I’m going to read it another few times, but wow, what a story you have!
I’ve learned so much already in your short testimony.
Be blessed!

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