Thoughts and opinions on this poem

(Jo D) #1

Hello, brothers and sisters in Christ,
I’m just wondering what you think of this poem and looking for some honest feedback. I’m sure your thoughts and suggestions will be valuable :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

Two individuals face each other with microphones;
From contradictory sides,
The audience cheers, jeers and groans;
As they debate the way citizens should abide.

They argue, pontificate, insult, converse;
Battling it out for who’s fraudulent and who’s indubitable ;
Grappling and choking over context;
Hoping to be found honourable and inscrutable.

A million mentions of lefts and rights;
The frangible horizontal lines on which they stand;
Of correctness, offences and liberties.
A slippery puddle of clasped hands.

What underlines these influential commands?
To decide on laws, to educate, reprimand;
Testify, instruct, honour, or defile,
The causes for and on top of which they stand.

How do we know just what to believe;
When looking for guidance, help and conviction;
Can we find a trustworthy leader to receive,
An inquisitor for truth and opportunity.

Left and right they say;
Those horizontals on which politics balance;
Justice, liability, rights and liberty.
Often building a fence on or of fluid boundary lines.

Ones own truth to denote;
That life purpose to which we, our lives devote.
But when we seek those hows and whys;
Beware of building on comforting lies.

How do these two decide;
To please people, honour free speech, meet the needs;
To strengthen our countries, counsel, to provide;
For so many cultures, opinions and creeds.

What’s happening to our times;
Where did the absolutes go?
How do these definitives fade,
Who defines them, who has answers?

As we build the towers of our nations,
Whose glory are they for, and why?
This marvellous earth we have from creation;
But we ought to remember;
One cannot build upon sinking sand.

(Sonya ) #2

Wow what a loaded poem. I think its safe to say when looking around the world and the state we are in times are very turbulent to say the least. I think the poem it pointing towards leadership and really who determines what is right or wrong. the sad part about the lefts and the rights is that the focus about the greater good is lost in the commotion of opinions and more matter of factly winning and losing. what are the debates about if you listen closely to most of them they say alot of nothing. So when we put our faith in governments to make decisions who and what are we putting our faith in really, Are people seeking truth or are they simply trying to make and win points. It happens in many areas if we look to the legal system are the teams on each side looking for truth or score points by hiding them. we live in times where boundaries are pushed back nothing is a big deal anymore. and the further we stretch the boundary the shallower we become Moral compass matters and we have lost our sense of direction. I believe there is a scripture that points to the church to take care of widows and children …not the government. Stand on the side of truth God will reveal to all of us his power. when i think of where we are today it reminds me of the last line in the book of judges Judges 21:25 In those days there was no king in Israel; everyman did what was right in his own eyes." I think that’s where we are today.

(Jo D) #3

Hey @sbergic, thanks for your thoughtful response! :slight_smile:
Yes, it is pretty loaded, I wrote it after trying to watch the news and some parliamentary debates between some politicians here in the UK… I don’t really want to point fingers at particular leaders, just trying to work out what’s going on, as you put it so well; in your reflections. Thanks for the feedback, I’m really glad to see that your interpretation matched with what I hoped and was feeling at the time…
Your reference to Judges 15 is also really helpful, I hadn’t looked at in God quite the same way before, and am grateful for the input :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the encouraging insights!

God Bless you, Sister in Christ x

(Sonya ) #4

Wow I didn’t realize u wrote it…well done!!! Trying times around the world for sure my friend​:pray::pray: