Tim McGee

Coming back.
From West TN
I have not much to contribute. Blue collar Uneducated, 62y/o. Unchurched heathen from 15-54. Something changed at the Funeral mass of a gay cousin who jumped of a building in New York in 2012. I became a Catholic again. Read my bible and studied and listen to podcasts of Bishop Barron, Sheen, then Ravi Z, A. Begg, RC Sproul, WL Craig, T. Keller, a few books. 2016 I became a Baptist and was baptized and I received Christ in a biblical way. Former heavy daily drinker 38 plus years, asked God to help me 6/9/12 and never drank again. Currently I facilitate a class of struggling addicts along with my constant companion , my Emily 27 y/o child non-verbal severely Autisic. God has calmed her spirit incredibly past 5 years. Plus my change made me a much better father. My only problem right now is a couple of men in the addiction small group that have become a little passive aggressive. Way better at scripture memorization & recall than me. Most of the aggression is subtle but I’m not the only one who notices. One most attacking is a chronic relapser who knows scripture by memory maybe better than many pastors. His Revelation he has discussed in private would be Flat earth theory and fake moon landing etc. and the end times hear talk. He makes things tense but I still love him even though he mocks me. Example, Last week him and his buddy gave me the sign of the cross, asking is that your Catholic secret hand shake. Pray for us, they know the scriptures better than me but they can’t stay sober.


Hi @Tim10, it’s wonderful to have you “back.” I’ve only been here for about 4 months, I think :thinking: Any particular prayer request, struggles?
I pray you are well and I look forward to hearing more from you. Take care :pray:t3:


Hello, @Tim10, and welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: As @sig mentioned, we would love to learn more from you. what inspired you to jump back on?

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Hello, Tim. Thank you very much for your open and honest introduction. Here at Connect everyone who is interested in faith is welcome. I’m glad you don’t have to have a degree in theology or something like that to be accepted (otherwise I’d have pretty bad cards). Also it is not evaluated, who made how many good contributions. You may simply come as you are, with the questions and concerns you have. And your contribution already has a special value for me, because your story is a strong testimony that Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost and that God can change people through His love. I thank God for having found you, freed you from alcohol and helped you as a father and in dealing with your daughter. Thank God. I wish you much love and the right words for the people in your small group to react to their hostilities with caution. God bless you and your family and give you His peace in your heart. And: Welcome to Connect.


Hello Tim

Really appreciated you candid post.

I can relate to feeling scripturally illiterate at times.

This may not help but I wear criticism as a badge of honor when being criticized by those who aren’t making the best choices. The scriptures mention how we will be criticized for our beliefs, perhaps even by other “christians”.

Hang tough. Know God is with you. Be the church!


Welcome aboard @Tim10. Contrary to your sentiment you have so much to offer this site. You actually already have. Thank you for caring enough to share your experiences, testimony, and challenges. Know that we will come along side you and pray for you. Live wisely amongst those who do not believe . . . Colossians 4:5-6. I leave the balance of that verse for your personal review. Consider the challenges and ridicule as a blessing. Responding in a kind and caring way will be a strategy that you will be blessed with. Go forth in the strength of the Lord this day. God-bless you and your journey.