Timo S


I’m from south germany.
After my heart got hardened, the Lord Jesus just pulled me back 4 months ago in his great patient arms of grace again. :relieved:

I’ve watched several videos from Ravi Zacharias and other apologists. I really enjoyed these explanations and how truth is still found in these different aspects of life.

I’m really hungry for God and his Word. So I’m looking forward to improve my knowledge and to manifest/strenghten my faith. And of course if possible to help others with prayers and advices.


Hi @sunrise, welcome to connect. My mom was from Regensburg Germany. I am planning to visit there in the near future. I am thankful to hear how Jesus wooed you back home :heart: What a beautiful Savior we have :pray: I trust you will glean from the many conversations here and I do hope you will feel free to offer your insight as well. Take care :slightly_smiling_face:


@sunrise Nice to meet you!

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Hallo Timo! Freu mich, dass du dich bei Connect angemeldet hast :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, His arms are always open and welcome all who come back to him. It must have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. There are many testimonies here from very different people about what they experienced with Jesus. That is totally encouraging to read. If you want, you can share your story.

…you are at the right place!
By the way: Great username :sunrise:


Welcome Timo, from all your family here at connect. Yes God is very patient with us in our wanderings and meanderings searching for meaning and truth. We all have struggles and need each other He is here and we are here for you.


Welcome in! Looking forward to learning about your story!

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Welcome Timo! We are so glad that you have found peace and trust in Jesus Christ and a hunger for His word. There is nothing like it! God bless you as you seek His knowledge and understanding. :blush:

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Welcome @sunrise! Where in Germany are you from? I have been to Stuttgart and Munich. I loved my time there!

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