Timothy Tambie

(Timothy Tambie) #1


I am from Trinidad and Tobago a small island in the southern Caribbean.

I am been watching RZIMs videos online and recently discovered the app.

(Jeremy) #2

Hello Timothy!!

God Bless! Are you still living in the Caribbean

(Brian Lalor) #3

Welcome to Connect Timothy. I hope this community helps you grow in your faith as it is with me.

(Brittany Bowman) #4

Welcome to Connect, Timothy. It is wonderful for you to join, and I look forward to learning more from both your questions and answers. May you find this to be a place where we show Christ’s love as we seek to know Him more deeply and serve one another.

(Timothy Tambie) #5

Thanks Jeremy yes I still live in Trinidad. God bless you to.

(Timothy Tambie) #6

Thank you all for the welcomes.

(Daniel) #7

Hi Timothy, welcome. Great that you have already actively participated in the forum. So we can all learn from each other. Through the videos you already know some of the RZIM team and will feel at home here soon. When I read that you come from Trinidad and Tobago, I thought of Chris @chris2. He also comes from there :smiley:

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(Heidi Mitchell) #8

A warm welcome to you, Timothy! @timothy.tambie

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(Sieglinde) #9

Welcome @timothy.tambie from Trinidad! We are so grateful you have joined this forum. There’s are plenty of topics to browse through with very insightful responses. We look forward to hearing more from you :heart:

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