Tips for follow up sermon

(Tsilise) #1

Hi everyone, i would like anyone to pitch in here. We have a congregation of about 100 members. Just few days back we had our revival camp and we are having follow up service. Would someone please suggest some appropriate ways to go about. Like bible verse and some exegecies.

(Matt Western) #2

That’s exciting news! We have a youth and young adults camp each year and really look forward to it…

I don’t know what the theme of the camp was or what was talked about - maybe you could use some resources from - I especially like how they do overview videos of all the books of the Bible. I’m not sure if you’ve seen their site before but thought it might be worth a mention?

Also, they have teamed up with (i think) Francis Chan, and there is a ‘Read Scripture’ app that has the bibleproject videos embedded in them so when you get to a new book you can watch the videos. This might be of interest to the younger tech-savvy people?

Also ‘youversion Bible’ is very good as well with a huge amount of resources.

I know that this doesn’t specifically answer your question about a followup sermon/message, perhaps if you share the theme or Bible passage that was used at the camp others might be able to share something more specific?

I hope your follow up service and further teaching goes well and people grow in the faith. Very exciting! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(SeanO) #3

@Tsilise Did anyone accept Jesus? What was the theme of the camp? For example, if the theme is loving God through serving others, it would be good to have service opportunities for people to get engaged in. My understanding of follow-up would be to make sure that people are able to apply what they learned and that new believers are shepherded / discipled intentionally.

Does your Church have a ‘What does it mean to follow Jesus?’ course that new believers can take? That would generally be appropriate if anyone accepted Jesus.

(Tsilise) #4

Sorry for delay. Sadly our church is still at its incipient stage and we don’t have all of the systematically practical ways of going about in conducting follow-up service. Almost all the church activities are very much Sermons it still has lots of things to catch up.
Kindly do remember us in prayers.

(SeanO) #5

@Tsilise Will be praying that the Lord Jesus grants your Church wisdom and peace as they minister to those under their care!