To each their own?

As Christians how do we address the ‘to each his/her own’ argument by non believers? Also known as the 'it’s okay for you, but it’s not for me. I watched Andy’s video on this and it had an all or nothing approach.


This is good question and in my life there was a time I could relate to it.
I know that RZIM teaches that all people ask the 4 big question of life, origin, purpose, truth, destiny sometime in their life and as a result will formulate a worldview. It has been my experience that not everyone you talk to has found a need to ask the big 4. My contention is that it is a life event that will move the needle and give one pause to consider one’s lot in life.
I know that in my life having children and the loss of my father moved me in the direction of revaluating my life.
If you are currently dealing with a friend or a loved one who is in the “to each his own” stay in touch with and keep them in your prayers. Life has away of knocking at everyone’s door.

Hoping this is helpful.


You have to start with Truth. In our post modern landscape truth has been reduced. I recommend the book tactics by Greg Koukl it teaches how to engage in this environment.

The law of non-contradiction tells us that opposing truth claims can not both be true.

The Islamic Philosopher Avicenna said it this way “ If someone doesn’t believe in the law of non-contradiction they should be beaten and burned until they agree that being beaten and burned is not the same thing as to not be beaten and burned”. While as a Christian I find this example harsh it does prove the point.

For people trying to use the it’s true for you but not for me line. I ask them if I go to the bank and the teller says I have $46.43 in my account and say well that’s true for you but not me give me a hundred thousand dollars I will not be happy with the reaction.

Hope that helps


I totally agree with Jimmy’s response and if I may I would like to add that in essence we are first called to be witnesses of our own salvation and for that (to be a witness of the grace of God) you first had to be fully present in the act. Knowledge is necessary but like the words of the blind man that Jesus healed, “I only know that I was blind and now I see” and so likewise your actions should show what happened to you and if needed you can then talk about it.


Thank you all for your pertinent replies. I will keep praying for these people. God bless you all!

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Hi John, I have just finished reading Tactics. What a great book and plenty of food for thought. I am also finding a fantastic resource.