To Yoga...or NOT to Yoga...?

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Thank you Sean for your insights. I had just assumed it was having an ungodly effect on him because it did on me.

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@Roysmom, after spending several months researching the area of yoga I have come to the conclusion that it is hard to separate the spiritual aspects of yoga from the physical aspects of yoga. When yoga was first practiced, it never arose out of a need for physical fitness but out of a spiritual pursuit to unite with universal consciousness, an unbiblical eastern philosophy. The current form of yoga retains all of the postures used in worship of Shiva ( the God who wears a serpent around the neck), the yogic knowledge came through a meditation trance, the postures are forms of different gods, the advanced breathing techniques are designed to alter states of consciousness, they are considered teachings of hindu gods according to Hindu scripture, christian holy yoga too uses the same postures and gestures as traditional hatha yoga though they have been renamed, the yoga teachers often follow yoga for spiritual purposes and there is symbolic language of religious significance represented in the hand gestures. Some of these gestures mean things like - I submit myself to receive teaching of Buddha / another god, I devote myself to human salvation, I submit myself to wheel of dharma, I identify myself with mystic fire that cleanses impurities etc. I have quickly summarized just a few of the reasons I see conflict of yoga with Christianity but they are in more detail in my earlier posts on this thread. Please see attached link written by Nithin Kumar, a Hindu Indian well versed in Vedic knowledge who translates Hindu Sanskrit texts to English, for more understanding on the hand gestures that accompany yoga. The gestures are non-verbal communication to the deities considered more powerful than the spoken word. The omniscient God sees the motives of our heart but we cant expect false gods to be so respectful of our motives if our hand gestures speak something else to them. Coming out of Hinduism, I have personally witnessed the supernatural connection between yoga and Hinduism. I have even visited the Mysore palace in India where the father of modern yoga taught and have seen the teachings of yoga and its spiritual connection.

As a sister in Christ, out of great concern for the faith of true believers in Christ I am sharing this information so that a decision to pursue yoga is made only after much prayer and study of the source of yogic teaching. Many people who initially start yoga for physical purposes later start following it for spiritual purposes according to some research publications. I think that would be all the more possible without strong faith in Christ or with a pluralistic mindset.

Attached is also another thread where I shared some information on yoga. I have put it here so that all the information is in one place.

I hope this information helps. I think Pilates may be a good non-spiritual alternative to yoga. Praying God’s blessings and guidance for you.

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Has anyone heard of PraiseMoves? I do this here in New Zealand.

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Yes, I have heard of it. It’s by Laurette Willis with postures based on the Hebrew alphabet. That looks like another possible alternative.

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Thank you so much for your insightful response. You have validated the Holy Spirit’s conviction on my heart and mind.

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@Roysmom, I praise God! Thank you for letting me know.

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Thank you for your informative post. I too view Yoga as spiritually dangerous because it is a spiritual focus that goes against God’s Word and plan for us and can begin in a physical form, but in the end thereof, affect the spiritual.

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