Top 5 Book Recommendations

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What top 5 Books would you recommend for Apologetics and Evangelism?

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Hey brother Niicholas!!! I know the feeling there are more books than you can shake a stick at! Heres a list I’ve found helpful!

  1. Beyond Opion written by pretty much the entire RZIM team
  2. Mere Christianity. The way Lewis describes the faith is very user friendly with none churched people.
  3. Any book by Ravi!
  4. Francis Shapher’s (if i spelled that right) “The God who is there” amazing book
    Thats all i can think of on “Apologetics” but if you had a topic in mind i could give you a readiing list on that!

Correct spelling is Francis Schaeffer.
As I have a number of his books.


Thank you Charles! As do Oi but diodnt have my library in front of me and was too lazy for google lol!


For Apologetics:
Cold Case Chrisitianity by J. Warner Wallace
I dont have enough faith to be an atheist by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek
The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel
Why Does God Allow Evil by Clay Jones
Questions that demand a verdict by Josh and Sean McDowell.

I presume that since we are on RZIM Connect we all know the RZIM teams books
Jesus Among Secular Gods
Jesus Among Other Gods
The end of Reason

Currently on Amazon the are selling a C.S. Lewis anthology of 8 of his apologetic books I picked it up for 7 dollars. Includes Mere Christianity and the Screw tape letters among others.


Thanks so much Brother!

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