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Hi everyone, here is a question, are there any plans for developing a tract ministry or an extension of Q & A presented by staff? Young adults walk away from thought-provoking questions and a tract ministry of some sort that is well written, concise can draw people back to what was said and seen on social media. Some type of tract ministry or literature that compliments forums by staff speakers would be a plus on many universities and developing countries. Many people have come to know Christ by engaging in what was said in a well-written concise tract.


Hi @a1781,

Thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. At this point I don’t believe there are any plans in place to develop a tract ministry or a publishing branch of the organization. However, I will pass on your feedback for consideration in the future. Perhaps a publishing company will desire to collaborate on such a project someday. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Thank you Brandon for responding. It is something to pray about for sure. If people can be left with something to read, short and concise of what was said to them in a lecture it can have an impact on thousands of people. I’m speaking from experience in my own life. It’s always good to think out of the box. Maybe this could happen in the future. Again, thanks for responding.


Abraham Santiago

Proverbs 24:5,6

Hi Abraham (@a1781),
I’ve also thought that this would be a useful tool; something small and attention grabbing after a conversation with someone; written in a way to ask questions and generate further curiosity so a person might go and start reading and researching themselves and hopefully come across RZIM.
One tract I do like is ‘Evidence for God’ by Lee Strobel; the title is attention grabbing; with people hopefully thinking 'huh, how is there evidence for God?".
full text here:

have you come across any other good apologetic tracts? I also keep a couple of copies of Lennox’s “Can science explain everything?” in the car glove box; just in case I have a decent conversation with someone. That’s too expensive to give away in bulk for me; but I would use as a ‘you might be interested in this’ type gift…

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Thank you, Matt, that’s a great tract by Lee Strobel. When I’m out sharing the gospel not all tracts are the same just like people. So, I don’t use a tract that is exclusively geared to communicate a point that deals with apologetics in mind. I like having a tract that is broad enough to meet the persons need right there on the spot. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, love, being forgiven, and being accepted is what most people are looking for, but won’t admit it. People tend to cloak what they really need by camouflaging their real concerns. Who knows maybe in the future, the Lord may lead someone to seriously think about it, and perhaps include tracts that are well written and concise that will complement the lectures given at RZIM.

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