Traditional way of praying

(Lawrence ) #1


Where in the Bible does it say when you pray, close your eyes and put your hands together?Because I can’t find it. If it is not in the Bible, where has this way of praying come from?

Thank you!

(SeanO) #2

@LKHHKL You are right that in the Bible many different postures are used for prayer and there is no instruction to close our eyes. Here are some possible reasons historically that we might have begun closing our eyes to pray (list may not be exhaustive):

  • to help avoid distractions in the environment and focus on God
  • to express humility before God - in ancient culture, people would shut their eyes or look at the ground when in the presence of a King - so it could be a sign of reverence
  • to help us remember that we God is spirit and we must come to Him in the inward parts of us - in our heart - not simply externally