Hello, I am Prince. I am new here. I am from India. I have something to share and ask. News of Ravi sir leaving us did make me sad but also stirred up a passion to pursue the apologetic calling. I have heard God in my spirit pushing me to Go for it. So Here i am just thinking where to start how to start and who can help me. Can somebody guide me here. May a Mentor? Kindly help me.


Hi @Princev27,

Thanks for your message. We’re glad to hear that you are being called to a lifestyle of evangelism and are interested in apologetics to support this call. This post contains a number of resources from RZIM that may be helpful to you as you consider how to further pursue training in apologetics. If you have further questions, please let us know.

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I recommend that you consider enrolling in the RZIM Academy, and take the CORE module. It is a great introduction to apologetics. Once the CORE module is successfully completed you can enroll in several different electives. I wish you much success as you pursue life with Jesus.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I have enrolled in Core Module, :slight_smile:

Thank you sir

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Great to hear. I wish you blessings, and much success.