Transcripts of podcasts

(Kathleen Van Every) #1

Please move this post if it is in the wrong place! I was listening to the latest podcast of “thinking out loud” and was looking for a transcript or at least a list of the book(s) referred to. I listen to it while walking and can’t take notes at the same time. thank you!

(Darryl Moss) #2

I too was looking for transcripts of the various podcasts. It would be a help to glean out relevant portions to send to someone.

If the questions asked in Ask Away were transcribed then it would be a great help too! Recently someone posted something about the crusades and I found some good answers in Ask Away but couldn’t locate it later as I was listening while on the move!

(Luke Baggett) #3

@Pilgrim and @plantaseed

Unfortunately, transcripts are not available at this time. However, we can pass along your feedback to our media department for future consideration.