Transgender guidance not premature

(Kelvin Bottle) #1

The following article was released recently in the church times following on from General Synod.

My question is how are we to respond to this when there is such division in the church itself?Sam Allberrys video that was released a few days back was truly excellent.

We are more than our biology, and God doesn’t make mistakes when he makes us.

(SeanO) #2

@Kelvin77 Do you have a link to Sam Allberry’s response you could share?

The purpose of baptism is to celebrate that we have died with Christ and are now living a new life in Him, free from sin’s power because we have died to it in Christ. We have been crucified with Christ and no longer live for our passions but for the glory of God. We have taken up our cross.

Romans 6:1-4 - What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2 By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? 3 Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? 4 We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.

Leaving the transgender issue aside for a moment, there is only one Biblical definition of baptism. For example, when a man and woman get married they become one flesh, but we don’t celebrate that event with a baptism even though there is a new union occurring. Baptism is not about a life transition, it is about dying to your old self and living a new life in Christ. To use baptism to signify anything less than salvation, at least within the Church, is not rational. For example, to baptize people when they get married would be equivalent to saying that marriage is their salvation, but nothing could be further from the truth! It is only in Christ that we can be saved - there is no other means of salvation. And because baptism symbolizes that new birth - that salvation - it is not appropriate to apply to anything other than conversion.

(Kelvin Bottle) #3

I already shared one of Sam’s videos in the hope that it will start to get people to think. I agree that baptism is a mark of our salvation a public declaration.

It is rather telling if what people are thinking when they try and to justify the use of baptism as a mark of recognition for as transgender person, and to grossly take scripture to justify the point of the old self in one gender and the new self in another.

Sam’s wisdom on his live talk from the 15th is inspiring. Sam is part of the general synod and along with a few others are trying to make a difference. However the trans lobby is making it hard work.

My hope is that when the next term for general synod comes up is to stand for election.

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@Kelvin77 Are you referring to this video from Sam Allberry?

(Kelvin Bottle) #5

I forgot about that video which I recall watching a while back now. This is the one I recently watched.

(Mrs. Olive Kaiser) #6

The missing piece to the gender alteration situation is that many chemicals are causing it.

There have always been rare instances of transgender/intersex caused by natural toxins, and twin related defects, but the plethora of today’s manmade chemicals have exacerbated this to another level.

This includes hermaphroditism/intersex and transgender categories of gender alterations, and also in many, not all cases, same sex attraction. We need to be aware of this information as we deal with each case and help these dear people live beloved moral lives of significance and honor among us. Sadly, in many cases of same sex attraction, celibacy may be the only avenue for them to pursue Scripturally as Sam Allberry has modeled.

Endocrine disruptors include many pesticides and herbicides, sunscreens, artificial fragrances, dry cleaning chemicals, plastics additives, flame retardants, mercury, and other toxins. They are capable of disrupting fetal development not to mention breast cancer, thyroid and other glandular problems.

Chemicals can also mutate the genes which is why there are so many non binary variations of x and y.

Let us pray for mercy for our little ones and those already affected.

Resources are available for those interested.

(Kelvin Bottle) #7

This is very helpful in the discussion. I wonder if this can be tracked back to when these started to be used and the increase in transgender identification.

I recently chatted to someone who explained the link between autism and transgender identification.

(SeanO) #8

@jka8168 Do you have any citations for a correlation between chemicals and ssa?

(Mrs. Olive Kaiser) #9

Sean I have a Gender Alteration Resources list that I am happy to send you with citations for both gender alterations and same sex attraction. I will check my emails to see if I got an email that I can reply to you.

(SeanO) #10

@jka8168 Thanks :slight_smile: I would be curious to see what citations they use and what research it is based on.

(Mrs. Olive Kaiser) #11

Kelvin the most obvious connection between autism and gender alteration is that toxins and a susceptibility to toxic exposures are triggers for both. And yes there is more gender alteration in the autistic community. I personally have seen it.

(Mrs. Olive Kaiser) #12

Sean I can’t figure out how to email you, can’t find an email from RZIM in my inbox for your posts. Maybe it updates only once a day.

Let me know if there is a way we can exchange emails. I have several attachments I can share.

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@jka8168 You can drag the attachments into your Connect post if that is okay. Just download them to your computer and then drag them into the post - they will be uploaded and then I can download them.

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I’m a new user, they won’t let me put up attachments. :frowning: Hmm

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@jka8168 No worries then. If they have a website or if you have some publications you can share those. Otherwise just upload them here on the forum once you are able.

(Mrs. Olive Kaiser) #16

Please remember I am a mom, not a scientist.

I can tell you that Dr. Tyrone Hayes of Berkeley did research and had quite a time with the chemical company due to the results that showed up. You can find him on youtube and likely track back his papers. Dr. Warren Porter of University of Wisconsin Madison speaks of this also.

Here is the powerpoint for the above lecture -

Dr. Fred Vom Saal of U of Missouri Columbia now retired and his group researched these topics and he and his group’s work is easy to find on the net and youtube lectures. My files have a lot of links to actual papers.

Naturally some of them get called kooks by corporate ties and etc. when they come up with information this sensitive. I’ve learned to pay attention.

The books Toxic Bodies by Nancy Langston and Our Stolen Future by Theo Colburn now deceased, are full of references on these topics. I haven’t sorted out the ones only on same sex attraction.

There is anecdotal info on parasite issues with some SSA behaviors. Antiparasitical treatments removed the attraction in some cases. From our experience with parasites in the autism community, it fits. Interesting for sure. I can pass on the links but again this is very anecdotal.

Sorry I am running with a time deadline, I can’t post more now but hopefully this will point you in the direction.

(SeanO) #17

@jka8168 Fully understood :slight_smile: May Christ bless your kiddos and guide your family in all things.

I only ask because I find it best not to believe claims such as these until having studied them and if there is not enough time to study / verify them, it can be unwise to lean on them too much without corroboration from other trusted sources. Honestly, I probably don’t have time to track this one down either.

(Mrs. Olive Kaiser) #18

Yes everyone is busy. The Lord has been throwing this subject on my plate and bringing me the science mostly unasked for about 20 years. It has been quite a journey. The resources I mentioned are a lot of actual science. Also just search pubmed for “endocrine disruption” and it will become obvious among the 6000 papers that come up that these chemicals disrupt reproductive development and function. And mutate genes. Many are estrogen mimics as the estrogen receptor is pretty promiscuous.

The Warren Porter lecture and powerpoint are a good overview if you haven’t much time.

Its a crucial piece to get a handle on. So many are affected in some heartbreaking way. Christians need to be a help and its hard if we don’t understand what’s happening.

(Kelvin Bottle) #19

So much here to consider and look through. I’ve had a quick look at one journal I could find from 2004 which links to the use of pesticides and a
Development and talks about the increase hormones.

(Kathleen) #20

Thanks so much for these resources, @jka8168! I look forward to having a listen/thumb through. But until I can do that, I’m just curious if, in these resources, the authors/lecturers mention specifically the result of gender alteration and SSA in some cases? Is that something they’ve tied together?