Travis Erickson

Hello my name Travis Erickson.
My family and I live in New York City.
I have been with connect since the beginning of its installment but just now noticed I never finished this part of the it.
I hope to lift and build up the church body with words and ideas all the while keeping the Bible sufficient in my speach.

Hope to hear what others have to say.

In Christ,



Hello, Travis, and here’s an official welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: Looking forward to learning more from you here. What type of work do you? What is your interest in church building?


Hello @Brittany_Bowman1 I am a model based in NYC but I travel internationally mainly.
Building the church… love this question. Many ways to answer it. Mainly do as Christ asks. GO make disciples. If this means answering people’s questions about God or His existence or Truth, Morality, etc. then I do that. If it is teaching younger generations a fuller understanding of God and His relationship to us and our response to that then that is where God has me in building His church for that day. Being unashamed of my faith is another way I have found growing the church comes in handy. People start asking questions and good or bad at least they are asking. And thankfully I am well equipped to go the evidentiary route or the presuppositional route (I prefer presupp).
I have read every holy books I have physical seen. The last 10 years I have read the Quran every Ramadan and I study paleontology and astroparticle physics and many other fields of science. It all points to Christ and His Salvation.
To everyone an answer.

Acts 20:24,



Dude! The Lord has given you an interesting mission field. It’s amazing to hear how He is moving in so many people all over the world.

I pray you will see many come to the Lord through your faithful life…



Appreciate it. Yes, I have a very unique relationship with people of the world. I pray people come to the knowledge of the Truth of Jesus Christ as well.

In Christ. Acts 20:24



Hi Travis. Wow! What an unlikely environment to find such a dedicated Christian. May your light shine and may God bless you for your commitment. I’m sure He has strategically placed you among so many people in need of someone to point them to Christ. I look forward to journeying with you.