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Hello, my name is Travis and on 1.20.18,(at 38 years of age) I had an experience with Jesus Christ that literally changed the coarse of my life. Since that day, I have given my life to Jesus. I began reading the Bible, watching sermons on Youtube and read anything I could get my hands on that brought me closer to Jesus. During that process, I stumbled on Ravi Zackarias and immediately was drawn to his teachings. I’ve learned a great deal from Ravi and hope to learn much more.

Where are you from? Originally, I am from Amarillo, Texas but currently reside in San Luis Obispo, CA

What led you to join Connect?
Several months into my conversion and transformation through Jesus Christ, I learned of Apologetics. Up till about a year ago or so, I had never even heard the term, “apologetics”. I immediately fell in love with the idea of defending Christianity in an intelligent way and started reading any book on the subject I could get my hands on. Soon after, I discovered RZIM. The next step of my journey is to take an online class and hopefully meet some like minded individuals.

How do you hope to contribute?
Great question! Though I’m still young in my faith, my current goal is to learn everything I can on The Word as well as apologetics. Then with that knowledge, I would love to incorporate what I learn with my testimony in hopes of reaching as many folks as I can. We all have a story. My story happens to be quite unique in the fact that I’m a singer in a rock n roll band. I started using drugs/alcohol at a young age. Dropped out of high school and move to California at the age of seventeen. At 25, I moved to Los Angeles and joined a rock n roll band. I’ve travelled the world, singing for a popular band yet was still miserable inside. Through the power of Jesus Christ, I overcame my addictions, depression, anxieties and suicidal thoughts. I believe my story can potentially help folks and hopefully bring them closer to Jesus Christ. I’m praying that through this program, I can learn some tools and hopefully meet some like minded individuals that share my passion for a Christ and helping others.


Hi @Travis :slightly_smiling_face: Wow, what a powerful introduction, I loved it, welcome! It is great to have you here. Your testimony is inspiring. Here is a link if you want to share more.
I believe it will minister to many. I look forward to your interactions here. I trust you will be a blessing and also be blessed :pray:t3:


Hi Travis and welcome to Connect. What an awesome introduction you gave and love your desire to know more and more about Jesus! Sounds like our Lord has already been doing some major redeeming and regenerating work upon your life :slightly_smiling_face:. Our Lord is so faithful and kind! Great to have you join us and look forward to learning with you and from you.




Welcome Travis to the body of Christ! Isn’t it wonderful the freedom we have in Him? I admire your earnest desire to learn more and more so that you can share with others what you have learned. May God bless many through your witness to His divine love for all. :blush:


Welcome aboard @Travis. Thank God for hounding you. We are glad you are with us. Your testimony is very strong and will impact so many positively. Your experiences and energy can inspire through the Holy Spirit others who have coped with some of the same things you did. Please feel free to share - consider About the Member Testimonies category. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome @Travis! Glad you are here!


Thank you Sig for reaching out and the link you sent. I’ll definitely share my testimony. I feel like there’s a “shift” that’s happening around the world. Many people are having these experiences with Jesus, from all walks of life- different backgrounds. It’s incredible. As I heard a pastor once say, “God is on the move”. Anyhow, I look forward to getting to know everyone on here. I’m praying that God will introduce me to the right folks and lead me in the right direction.


Thank you! Glad to be here👍🏽 thanks for the reply

Yes sir! Agreed and I’m also looking forward to learning from you as well👍🏽 I’m still a “newbie” so I have much to learn. Looking forward to getting to know you more.

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Keldon, thank you for the warm and encouraging welcome. I’m very excited to meet fellow Christians and share the Word. In the world I come from, I don’t have too many people I can share in Christ with. I will take you up on sharing my testimony. I’m also looking forward to hearing other testimonies. I absolutely Love to hear how Christ is working in people’s lives. Thank you again for replying. I very much appreciate it


Thank you Gchop! Yes, the freedom through our Lord and savior Is wonderful. It’s the only True way to live. My life before I gave it Christ was no life at all. I was already dead and didn’t even know it. Constantly in survival mode. Coping. That’s Not living. Many people around this world as you know, are in that survival mode. Simply coping through drugs, alcohol, sex, materialism and so on. Just the thought of that breaks my heart. I was in that mode for 26 years of my life. One of my goals in life is to try and reach as many of those people as possible. Reach them in a gentle and loving way, without “preaching” or shoving anything down their throats. I’m still learning how to do that!!! As many born again Christians do, when I first gave my life over, I was the classic “screaming it from the mountain tops” dude. I soon realized not everyone wants to hear it;-) So, that’s one of the reasons why I’m here. I want to learn as much as I can as well as grow with other Christians. (Sorry for the long reply- I’m working on that;-)


Nice to meet you Travis!

You too man!

Travis, I have a feeling God is going to use you to reach many who are hurting. I believe none of us should ever completely regret the bad experiences we have gone through because it is exactly those experiences that help us to be able to relate to some of the most miserable people who appreciate that someone knows where they are coming from. You will be a comfort to many as you share the love of Christ. I hear you about being preachy. It is a natural response that most of us have to something we really care about. I am also thankful for the example of the RZIM team that shows us how to care about others and to lead them to the truth in love. And Travis, don’t be sorry for your lengthy answer! I appreciate your words and am sure many others do to! Speak your heart. It is very encouraging. God bless you brother! :slight_smile:


Carrie, sorry for just getting back to you now. Been busy here recently. Anyhow, thank you for reaching out and I appreciate the encouraging words.
Like most of us eventually go through at one moment or another, I’m kind of at that “crossroads” moment in my life. Not knowing where my path will lead me. It can be a little discouraging at times but ultimately, I believe it’s a test of sorts. God is saying, “Trust in me”. Some days I do much better at that then others;-) Then, there’s the days that I seem to question everything in life. “Trust in God”- has become my new mantra.


I understand your dilemma. We all have times like that where we aren’t sure what lies ahead and are always having to remind ourselves to trust in God. It may grow easier with time but I think it’s only natural to still have to be reminded. But we are God’s children and He is so patient with us and gives us time to grow and learn. God bless you in this new year. :blush:

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