Trending Questions London Should we believe? God's existence

Join in the conversation and find resources on ‘Should we believe? God’s existence’.

Trending Questions is crossing the Atlantic to reach the heart of London. Fresh from the online success of the series in the US, TQ is heading to the UK’s capital in person. Speakers from RZIM’s global team will come together to train Christians to address the challenging questions of contemporary culture and provide space for those looking to engage with Christian faith.

If you have ever felt unready to answer the questions of atheists or need help navigating the Christian response to a world in flux, then TQ could be the event for you.

The first event on Thursday, March 19 will explore the latest research into the rationality for the existence of God. ‘Should we believe?’ features philosopher Dr Max Baker-Hytch, Islamic specialist Dr Tanya Walker, lawyer-turned-apologist Simon Edwards and will be hosted by former private equity advisor and RZIM speaker Andy Moore.

Some pre-event study material will be posted shortly but in the meantime, if you’re based in London or have friends living and working in London, book tickets [here]

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